Mbalo Brief – April 2015

We welcome you back from the well-deserved Easter holidays after what surely had been a hectic start to the year, and with so much to accomplish. For many people this was a time to visit friends and families across the country, while others enjoyed the search for Easter eggs; nevertheless, we trust that you all made the best of this period. Let us get moving into this second term of the year with the same – if not more – energy and enthusiasm as we did the last term.

As we continue to inform you on the performance of various industries, we will bring, amongst others, trends on electricity for the month of January 2015. Giving you these latest figures on electricity cannot come at a more appropriate time, seeing that the supply of electricity is under pressure and the country is marked by endless blackouts to alleviate the pressure. During this time, everybody is advised to be electricity-wise by using electricity as minimally as possible.

The educational article for this month’s issue of Mbalo Brief is based on the ‘Tourism satellite account’, Report No. 04-05-07 of 2011, 2012 and 2013. Other statistics included in this issue are Civil cases for debt, Liquidations and insolvencies, Tourism and migration, etc.
Statistics covered in this edition were sourced from the December 2014, January and February 2015 findings that were released in March 2015. Remember, it is by means of your responses that we can improve the coverage of this newsletter to better suit your needs. We therefore hope that you will continue to provide such feedback.

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