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Urgent appeal to Western Cape households to get counted in Census 2022

Residents of the Western Cape have an additional period – until 14 May – to complete the Census questionnaire. The province is still lagging behind the rest of the country in terms of completeness of data collection. Nationally, 88% of households have been counted while the Western Cape is at the 60% mark. Stats SA   read more »

Census 2022 online questionnaire completion now available.

Households have one final opportunity to complete the census questionnaire online before 30 April 2022. Households who have not been counted can go to!/home and fill in their name, surname and cellphone number. They will then get an OTP which will give them access to the census questionnaire. Questionnaire completion is quick and easy,   read more »

Registration for Census 2022 data collection is open

Data Story                                                                                                                                                              01 December 2021 Registration for Census 2022   read more »

100 Day Countdown to the total count of the population in South Africa, Census 2022

Data Story                                                                    25 October 2021   100 Day Countdown to the total count of the population in South Africa, Census 2022 The 100 Day Countdown to Census Night of the next population count, Census 2022, starts on 25 October 2021. The night of 2 February 2022 will be the reference point on which everyone   read more »

Continuous Population Survey (CPS) test goes to the field

Who are the poor? Where do they live? And what are their life circumstances? This is part of the information that the expenditure year of the Continuous Population Survey (CPS) aims to collect from South African households to monitor and profile poverty and inequality levels in the country and to provide data that can be   read more »

Statistics South Africa and the POPI Act

One of the primary responsibilities of Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) is to conduct surveys and collect information from households and businesses. How does Stats SA’s activities relate to the POPI Act? What is the POPI Act? The Protection of Personal Information Act (Act No. 4 of 2013), known as the POPI Act1, is South   read more »

Stats SA urges households and institutions to register for Pilot Census

Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) will conduct a Pilot Census in selected areas across the country to prepare for the upcoming census. Registration for households/institutions to be counted in the Pilot Census closes on 30 June 2021. Data collection for the Pilot Census is from 3 – 28 July 2021. All households and institutions in   read more »

Applicants still needed for Pilot Census (in selected areas)

Applicants still needed for Pilot Census (in selected areas)

Registration on Stats SA’s Human Resources Database has been extended to 31 May to allow prospective candidates to register for contract appointments. The HR Database is used to identify people to work on short-term contracts for various Stats SA projects. The Database uses geolocation information to link applicants to the area they live in. This   read more »

Stats SA returns to field

More than a year after Stats SA suspended face-to-face data collection due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Stats SA Survey Officers (SOs) will return to the field to collect contact details from households that have been selected to participate in one of our household surveys. “We have updated our sample, and need to collect contact details   read more »

Register on our database for contract employment opportunities

Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) provides scientific knowledge that enables society to understand complex socio-economic phenomena. It draws its mandate from the Statistics Act, 1999 (Act No 6 of 1999) and POPI Act 2013 (Act 4 of 2013). Stats SA strives to excel in the following five competencies: Intellectual capability to lead the scientific work   read more »