Mbalo Brief – May 2013

South Africa just recently hosted the 2013 Tourism Indaba in Durban from 11 to 14 May 2013. The main focus of the Indaba was to pursue the growth of South Africa’s tourism industry and to strengthen existing partnerships while establishing new ones. South Africa stands out as a tourist destination mostly because of its friendly, welcoming people and unique tourist attractions. South Africa also offers tourist experiences that suit every taste and budget, leaving visitors to South Africa stand in awe of how much this country has to offer. At the end of the day, tourists visiting South Africa get value for money through world-class tourism infrastructures and culturally diverse experiences.

In this month’s issue, we continue with the special focus on the Census 2011 results based on provinces. Our attention this month is given to Eastern Cape province. The Eastern Cape province, with a population of over 6,5 million, is known for its beautiful coastline, some of the finest schools in South Africa and popularly known as the birthplace of South Africa’s famous statesman, Nelson Mandela.

Our regular articles on the performance of various sectors of our economy are also featured in this issue. These articles present data on sectors such as mining, manufacturing, retail trade sales and food and beverages, to name a few.

Statistics presented in this issue were sourced from statistical releases published in April and May 2013, with special reference to surveys conducted during January and February 2013. To access detailed results on any of the sectors featured in this issue, please visit our website at

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