Mbalo Brief – April 2013

With the conclusion of the 5th summit of the BRICS countries at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Durban, it is starting to sink in among many South Africans that their country is a member state of this emerging economic group. BRICS is an economic grouping of five emerging markets comprising of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The combined total nominal gross domestic product (GDP) of this grouping is set at US$14,9 trillion and the combined population is close to three billion people. South Africa contributes the least to the combined GDP and has the smallest population (for more statistics on the BRICS countries, you can access the combined statistical report of the BRICS countries titled BRICS: Joint Statistical Publication 2013 on Stats SA’s website:

In this month’s issue, we continue discussing Census 2011 results with provinces being the focal point for our educational articles. This month we look at Western Cape, which accounts for just over 11% of the total national population.

Also featured in this issue are our regular articles on the performance of various industries that contribute to the economy. These articles present data on how industries such as wholesale trade, mining, electricity generation and retail trade, among others, performed during the previous few months.

Statistics presented in this issue were sourced from statistical releases published in March and April 2013, with reference to surveys conducted during January and February 2013. For a more detailed look at the results regarding any industry featured in this publication, please access the relevant statistical releases on our website at


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