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Filling your tank costs you more

Filling your tank costs you more

Over the past 12 months, the petrol price has increased by R2,49. This translates to an extra R124,50 to fill a 50 litre tank. The annual inflation rate for petrol is 23%, the highest since December 2011, when it was 26,3%. This is just one of the factors which led to the annual CPI inflation   read more »

Inflation up to 6,3%

The annual inflation rate jumped to 6,3% in July from the 5,5% recorded in June. This is the first time since April 2012 that the CPI has strayed outside of the inflation target band. The increase in the annual rate was almost totally due to the 84c/l increase in the petrol price which resulted in   read more »

The annual CPI inflation rate dipped by 0,1% to 5,5% in June 2013

Food inflation recorded its fourth successive year on year increase and is now at its highest point for the year.  The inflationary pressures are distributed across a range of food groups, with processed food reflecting a higher rate of inflation at 7,6% compared to processed food at 6,3%.   Prices of alcoholic beverages dropped on average by 0,3%   read more »

What is the Consumer Price Index?

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) measures monthly changes in prices for a range of consumer products. Changes in the CPI record the rate of inflation. The CPI can also be used as a cost-of-living index. HOW IS THE CPI MEASURED? The prices of goods and services consumed by South Africans are used to calculate an   read more »