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Duty to answer questions

16. (1) The Statistician-General, or an officer of Statistics South Africa authorised by him or her, may, in performing his or her functions in terms of this Act, put, to any person any questions which the Statistician-General or that authorised officer considers reasonably necessary for the collection of statistics.
(2) Every person, including every employee of any organ of state, must—
(a) to the best of his or her or its knowledge and belief and subject to the right to dignity and privacy, answer, when so required, all questions put orally or in writing in terms of subsection (1); and
(b) in accordance with the instructions pertaining to any document referred to in section 7(1)(e)(ii) and not later than the date specified in that document—
(i) furnish all such information; or
(ii) sign such declaration, as is required by that document.
(3) A document referred to in section 7(1)(e)(ii) is sufficiently authenticated if the name and designation of the competent person by whom it is given or issued, as the case may be, has been printed or stamped thereon.