Improving Lives

Through Data Ecosystems

Purpose of Act

2. The purpose of this Act is to advance the planning, production, analysis, documentation, storage, dissemination and use of official and other statistics by providing for—
(a) a Statistician-General as head of Statistics South Africa and for a Council;
(b) the respective functions of the Statistician-General, the Council and the Minister and their interrelations;
(c) co-ordination between Statistics South Africa and other organs of state that produce official or other statistics;
(d) co-operation between the producers of official statistics and—
(i) the users of such and other statistics in the government, other sectors of society and the public at large;
(ii) the respondents supplying the information that results in official and other statistics;
(e) liaison with international and regional organisations that—
(i) request official statistics;
(ii) make recommendations about the standardisation, classification, collection, processing, analysis and dissemination of statistics.