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Appointment and tenure of Statistician-General

6. (1) The President must appoint an appropriately qualified person as the Statistician-General who is the head of Statistics South Africa.
(2) The Statistician-General must be professionally independent by acting impartially and exercising his or her powers and performing his or her duties—
(a) without fear, favour or prejudice; and
(b) in the interest of maintaining a high standard of professional service and the integrity of the statistics which Statistics South Africa produces.
(3) The provisions of the Public Service Act regarding the appointment, terms and conditions of employment, powers and duties of a head of department apply to the Statistician-General, except where otherwise provided in this Act.
(4) The person appointed as Statistician-General holds office for an agreed term not exceeding five years, which term may be renewed.
(5) The Statistician-General may resign by written notice to the President.
(6) The Statistician-General may be removed from office by the President only—
(a) on the grounds of—
(i) incapacity;
(ii) misconduct;
(iii) incompetence;
(iv) declaration as an insolvent, or
(v) conviction of an offence and sentence to a term of imprisonment without the option of a fine; and
(b) if the Cabinet, after considering a report on the matter from the Council, recommends to the President such removal.