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Tenure of members of Council

9. (1) The members of the Council hold office for such period, not exceeding three years, as the Minister determines in respect of each such member.
(2) An appointed member of the Council vacates office if—
(a) he or she resigns after giving 30 days notice in writing to the Minister;
(b) the period of his or her appointment expires; or
(c) his or her membership is terminated in terms of subsection (3).
(3) The Minister may, after consultation with the Cabinet, terminate the membership of any or all of the appointed members of the Council for reasons which are just and fair.
(4) A person whose membership of the Council has terminated, is eligible for reappointment.
(5) A vacancy on the Council must be filled in accordance with section 8(2) and (3).
(6) No deficiency in the number of members of the Council affects any decision taken at a meeting in terms of section 10(5) if at least one third of the appointed members were present at that meeting.