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Duties and powers of Council

13. (1) The Council must advise the Minister, the Statistician-General or an organ of state which produces statistics with regard to—
(a) matters referred to the Council by the Minister, the Statistician-General or that organ of state;
(b) any matter regarding the collection, processing, analysis, documentation, storage and dissemination of statistics, including the taking of a population census, which should, in the opinion of the Council, be studied or undertaken;
(c) the elimination of unnecessary overlapping or duplication with regard to the collection or publication of statistics by organs of state;
(d) any matter the Council considers necessary or expedient for achieving the purpose of this Act;
(e) the general appropriateness to the country’s needs of the services provided by Statistics South Africa.
(2) The Council must promote and safeguard—
(a) official statistics;
(b) the co-ordination of statistical activities; and
(c) an environment which is supportive of the collection, production, dissemination and use of official statistics.
(3) The Council must furnish the Minister and Statistician-General with an annual report in respect of its activities, including its advice to the Minister and Statistician-General and the outcome of that advice, during the year in question, and the Minister must as soon as possible table that report in Parliament.
(4) The Council may issue public statements on any matter relating to its functions in terms of this Act, but only after consultation with the organ of state, business or other organisation involved, if any, in the matter in question.
(5) The Statistician-General must provide the Council with such secretarial and clerical assistance as is necessary for the effective performance of the functions of the Council.