Your monthly update on South Africa’s economic indicators

Stats Biz – October 2016

Armed with a wealth of recent financial data from South Africa’s higher education institutions, Stats SA unpacks the revenue mix for the country’s 20 universities and 6 universities of technology. How important are tuition fees as a source of income for tertiary education in South Africa? Explore tuition fees, as well as other stories, in   read more »

Stats Biz – September 2016

Did you know that over half of the manufacturing workforce in South Africa is located in just three metros: Johannesburg, Cape Town and eThekwini? This one of many facts about the manufacturing industry published in two reports from Stats SA. The reports provide a probing look into the industry, covering data on income, employment, salaries   read more »

Stats Biz – August 2016

In recognition of Women’s Month, Stats SA takes a dive into the data to explore gender representation in local government. How have municipalities done in ensuring that women are adequately represented in mayoral, managerial and councillor positions? Explore gender equality, as well as other stories, in this edition of Stats Biz.   Download Stats Biz   read more »

Stats Biz – July 2016

If you are a chocoholic, take note!  Did you know that the average price of chocolate has risen sharply over the last two years? And that the price of your favourite slab varies by province? In honour of World Chocolate Day on 7 July, Stats SA provides you with a brief analysis of how chocolate   read more »

Stats Biz – June 2016

Where are homes the most expensive to build? The answer might surprise you. Recent data published by Stats SA provides provincial breakdowns of construction costs, per square metre, for free-standing homes, flats, townhouses, office space and shopping space. Explore building prices, as well as other economic stories, in this edition of Stats Biz.       read more »

Stats Biz – May 2016

Rising food prices are again in the spotlight. Stats Biz takes a closer look at food prices in this edition. Which provinces are experiencing high food inflation? What impact may rising food prices have on the poor? How quickly are vegetable and fruit prices climbing? Explore food prices, as well as other economic stories, in   read more »

Stats Biz – April 2016

Many have commented on South Africa’s drought and how rapidly food prices have been rising. The latest release of Stats SA’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) unpacks the South African food basket to examine which items might be contributing to your rising grocery bill. Explore food prices, as well as other economic stories, in this edition   read more »

Stats Biz – March 2016

Next time you dig into a delicious plate of fish and chips, take a moment to ponder the value of seafood as a resource. How has South Africa’s fish stocks changed since 2005? Estimates of quantities of fish available in our oceans, as well as data on catch numbers, were recently published in Stats SA’s   read more »

Stats Biz – February 2016

Current data point to an agriculture industry that is struggling. During November 2015, in the midst of South Africa’s worst drought in 23 years, Stats SA released gross domestic product (GDP) figures showing three consecutive quarters of steep decline in agricultural activity. A number of forecasts suggest that food prices might rise sharply as a   read more »

Stats Biz – January 2016

As a new year begins, Stats Biz takes a look at selected economic stories from 2015. During that year a rumour wobbled an industry; South Africa entered its worst drought in decades; tertiary education was rocked by protests over tuition fees; and the price of cake was most expensive in the Western Cape. Explore these,   read more »