Counting the institutionalised population in South Africa

Counting the institutionalised population in South Africa

The institutionalised population represents a unique population subset in the country, although it makes up a relatively small proportion of the total population (about 776 495 in 1996 and 1 763 582 in 2011). Persons in institutions constitute a special group, most of whom are there for a specific purpose or life circumstances.


Statistics South Africa is conducting a Special Dwelling Institutions (SDI) project in the months of June, July and August. The objective of the SDI project is to collect basic information about the population residing in institutions such as student residences, boarding schools, frail care centres, hospitals, defence force and army barracks, police cells, prisons, unconverted hostels, shelters for the homeless/refugees/other shelters, orphanages, homes for persons with disabilities and old age homes, etc. Information to be collected includes: age, sex, population group and overall basic services provided by institutions such as piped water, sanitation and access to electricity. This information is to supplement information obtained from households through surveys to inform planning and resource allocation.


Using contract staff, administrative records from institutions will be obtained. Information is obtained through a call centre within Stats SA Head Office in Pretoria. Alternatively, institutions can send requested information electronically. For any information on this project, contact the following Stats SA staff members.


Dr Christine Khoza: 012 310 2916/ 079 519 3212 : Email address:

Angela Ngyende: 012 310 4699/ 071 670 2672     : Email address:

Anisha Panchia: 012 310 6650/ 083 210 2305      : Email address:

Feroza Mohideen: Call Centre: 0800 110 248       :Email address:


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