Stats SA launches Living Conditions Survey (LCS)

Stats SA launches Living Conditions Survey (LCS)

Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) launched the Living Conditions Survey (LCS) 2014/15 in Pretoria today.

The LCS is a periodic survey which is conducted every 5 years. The survey aims to identify and profile poverty in South Africa, and gives policy-makers information on who is poor, where the poor are located and what it is that drives poverty in the country. The information collected is also used to update the Consumer Price Index (CPI) basket of goods and services which is used to track inflation.

Information will be collected from approximately 32 000 sampled dwellings across the country over a period of 12 months.  Each sampled household will participate in the survey for four weeks and will be requested to complete a questionnaire consisting of four modules, as well as two weekly diaries which will capture household expenditure and acquisitions.  To determine the nutritional status of household members, the survey includes an anthropometric section where household members will be requested to participate in a weighing and measuring exercise.

Stats SA field staff will be in the field from September 2014 to October 2015 collecting information. All fieldworkers will carry a Stats SA identity card that contains the photograph, name and ID number of the staff member. In addition, all field staff will be wearing Stats SA branded clothing (bibs), which will make them easily identifiable.

The Provincial Field Operations Manager for each province can be contacted to verify if the person at your door is a Stats SA staff member. They will have the details of all staff members, vehicle registration numbers, and also the areas in which the staff member is supposed to be working.

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