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As our valued stakeholder, we would like to establish your consent/objection to Stats SA communicating directly and regularly with you via email to update you on your preferred statistics and other organisational information. Stats SA publishes more than 250 statistical releases annually. We also conduct a number of stakeholder consultations to determine data user needs, enhance questionnaire compilation and ultimately remain relevant to our stakeholders’ needs. In addition, we run an annual User Satisfaction Survey where our stakeholders rate their satisfaction with our products and information services, and tell us what they think of Stats SA in general.

The purpose of our stakeholder engagement is to put stakeholders at the centre of our operations by offering insightful data as evidence for effective decision making. Ultimately, we aim to fulfil Stats SA’s vision of “Improving lives through data ecosystems”.

Stats SA complies with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA). We are responsible in processing our stakeholders’ personal information as we carry out our mandate to collect, process and disseminate official statistics.

Please take 5 minutes to register your consent/objection to Stats SA processing your personal contact information on our database, and let us know your direct communication preferences. Should you experience challenges in registering your information, please email for assistance (ref: registration portal).

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