Post-enumeration Survey (PES) 2022

Statistics South Africa conducted an independent survey to measure the accuracy and reach of the Census 2022 population count from 8 June to 26 July 2022. Mop-up activities are set to run from 27 July to 28 August 2022. The Post-enumeration Survey (PES) identifies how many households and persons were erroneously included, missed or counted more than once during the Census 2022 population count.

The national statistics office deployed fieldworkers across all districts in the nine provinces, in 840 Enumeration areas estimated to have 126 000 dwelling units. Unlike the Census, which aims to count every dwelling unit, the PES is conducted in the selected areas around the country.

“We have taken a sample of less than 1% of dwelling units that were expected to be counted during the Census and we will use these to measure the recently concluded population and housing census,” said PES 2022 Project Director, Naume Bopape.

A multi-modal data collection method has been deployed for the PES that includes online enumeration, face-to-face interviews, and telephonic interviews.

For identification, fieldworkers are issued with branded ID cards, orange over-shirts and marked vehicles. They have also been trained on COVID-19 safety protocols, which are in line with the Department of Health’s guidelines.

All collected information for the purpose of this survey will be kept confidential at all times as mandated by the Statistics Act no.6 of 1999.


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