Mbalo Brief – March 2013

The 21st of March is celebrated as Human Rights Day in South Africa. It has been 43 years since 69 protestors were shot and killed in Sharpeville when they embarked on an anti-pass campaign. This day is in commemoration of those who died but it also serves as a reminder that you must be aware of your rights because they allow you to do, have and be what you want.

Speaking of rights, every South African has a number of essential rights such as the right to education, health as well as water and sanitation. The Census 2011 results show how many people in South Africa have access to these services and will help the government to locate and reach those who are still in need of basic services. In this issue of Mbalo Brief, we continue with our coverage of the census results for provinces. This issue’s educational article will focus on Limpopo. The article will discuss the province’s demographics, education, household goods and services as well as employment, among others.

You will notice that a few changes in the calculations of the CPI and PPI have been implemented. This will not only bring South Africa’s PPI in line with international standards but will ensure that the two indices are more relevant to South Africa’s current economic conditions.

Statistics presented in this issue were sourced from statistical releases published in February and March 2013 with results for surveys conducted in December 2012 and January 2013.

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