Your monthly update on South Africa’s economic indicators

Stats Biz – November 2015

In honour of World Cake Day on 26 November, we took a look at the latest price data of this popular dessert. How has the price of cake changed over time? In which province is cake most expensive? And how does the price of cake compare to other desserts? Explore the price of cake, and   read more »

Stats Biz – October 2015

With the announcement of a zero fee increase for higher education institutions next year (2016), the focus is now on where the money will be sourced to finance the expected shortfall. Recent data provide an indication of which universities are most dependent on tuition fees, and as a result might be most vulnerable to a   read more »

Stats Biz – September 2015

The bucket toilet system remains a persistent phenomenon in seven of the nine provinces. Interestingly, 35% of consumer units serviced with bucket toilets in South Africa are concentrated in a single municipality: Nelson Mandela Bay in Eastern Cape. Learn more about the bucket system, and economic related statistics, in this edition of Stats Biz.     read more »