Your monthly update on South Africa’s economic indicators

Stats Biz – November 2021

Trying to make sense of all the elements that make up the petrol price can be quite daunting. There are up to 13 different charges, depending on the type of fuel and where you happen to live. Stats SA provides a breakdown of what you are paying at the pump. Explore the price of petrol,   read more »

Stats Biz – October 2021

It might come as a surprise to learn that South Africa has data on protected land going back as far as 1900. National Parks, Nature Reserves and other types of protected areas have grown and expanded over time. In October, Stats SA – in partnership with the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) and other   read more »

Stats Biz – September 2021

We are all keenly aware of the electricity challenges our country is facing. A detailed report from Stats SA provides a number of key facts about the electricity, gas & water supply industry, covering data on the nation’s energy mix, electricity production, and employment. Explore statistics on the supply of electricity, gas and water, as   read more »

Stats Biz – August 2021

Any statistical agency worth its salt should periodically revisit the way in which it measures the economy. Stats SA has finalised a comprehensive overhaul of its national accounts, providing a far more relevant and reliable measure of gross domestic product (GDP). Explore rebasing and benchmarking, as well as other stories, in this edition of Stats   read more »

Stats Biz – July 2021

What makes Stats SA’s Financial census of municipalities report so interesting is that it provides an idea of how financially dependent municipalities are on national government. The latest data show that the share of income that municipalities generate on their own has increased slightly since 2017, but there is more to this finding than meets   read more »

Stats Biz – June 2021

Many nations measure population and economic growth. Until recently, few have paid attention to the natural environment. In June, South Africa reached another milestone in strengthening its production of environmental statistics with the release of the National Natural Capital Accounting Strategy. Explore Natural Capital Accounting, as well as other stories, in this edition of Stats   read more »

Stats Biz – May 2021

Poultry is an important source of income in the commercial agriculture industry. If you consider the sales of live chickens, chicken meat and eggs, the total value of chicken-related sales almost rivals that of the entire field crop sector. Explore chicken sales, as well as other stories, in this edition of Stats Biz. Download Stats   read more »

Stats Biz – April 2021

Education inflation recorded its lowest annual rate in three decades, according to the latest consumer inflation data. Education fees increased by 4,1% in 2021, the lowest annual increase since at least 1991. Explore the cost of education, as well as other stories, in this edition of Stats Biz. Download Stats Biz – April 2021

Stats Biz – March 2021

Local government has made strides in providing services, but they are providing less for free. For example, municipalities supplied water to just over 9 million consumer units in 2006, expanding to 13,8 million in 2019. However, the number of consumer units benefiting from free water declined markedly over the same period. Explore service delivery, as   read more »

Stats Biz – February 2021

South Africa’s GDP decreased by 7,0% in 2020 compared with 2019. To provide some perspective, the second biggest fall in GDP in the last 30 years was recorded in 1992 when the economy contracted by 2,1%. During the 2008/09 global financial crisis, the economy shrank by 1,5% in 2009. Explore economic growth, as well as   read more »