Your monthly update on South Africa’s economic indicators

Stats Biz – April 2020

A rapid response survey, conducted by Stats SA during the lockdown, asked businesses how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their operations. A total of 707 businesses in the formal sector responded, and this is what they told us. Explore the results of this survey, as well as other stories, in this edition of Stats Biz.   read more »

Stats Biz – March 2020

Farmers sold over a billion chickens in 2017. This is one of many interesting facts to emerge from Stats SA’s latest set of reports on the Census of Commercial Agriculture. The beauty of the data that it allows researchers to drill down and explore patterns across districts and local municipalities. Explore commercial agriculture, as well   read more »

Stats Biz – February 2020

The South African economy slipped into recession in the fourth quarter of 2019, contracting by 1,4%. This followed a contraction of 0,8% (revised) in the third quarter. Transport and trade were the main drags on overall activity. Finance, mining and personal services managed to keep their heads above water. Explore the latest gross domestic product   read more »

Stats Biz – January 2020

Stats Biz kicks off 2020 with a look at the latest inflation figures. Annual consumer inflation edged up to 4,0% in December from November’s 3,6%. Bread and cereal prices continue to place pressure on overall food inflation, increasing by 8,0%, which was unchanged from November. Explore inflation, as well as other stories, in this edition   read more »

Stats Biz – November 2019

After rebounding by a revised 3,2% in the second quarter of 2019, activity in the South African economy slipped by 0,6% in the third quarter. Mining, manufacturing and transport were the biggest drags on growth in gross domestic product (GDP). Explore economic growth, as well as other stories, in this edition of Stats Biz. Download   read more »

Stats Biz – October 2019

Eskom remains the single largest contributor to total public-sector capital expenditure. South Africa’s largest power producer was responsible for just over a quarter (R63 billion) of the R250 billion public sector capital-spend in 2018. Explore capital investment, as well as other stories, in this edition of Stats Biz. Download Stats Biz – October 2019

Stats Biz – September 2019

South Africa’s 123 provincial government departments spent just over R17 600 per second in the 2017/18 fiscal year. That represents a total of R557 billion over a period of 365 days. The bulk of the money flowed into provincial governments’ two main areas of responsibility: education and health. Explore provincial government spending, as well as other   read more »

Stats Biz – August 2019

After shrinking sharply in the first quarter of 2019, the economy rebounded from a low base to record positive growth of 3,1% in the second quarter. Mining, finance, trade and government services were the main drivers of growth. Explore the latest GDP figures, as well as other stories, in this edition of Stats Biz. Download   read more »

Stats Biz – July 2019

Wherever you go, you transform the landscape. Where you choose to live, work, commute, shop, socialise and play – you influence the economic, social and environmental makeup of every area you touch. The development of the Basic Spatial Unit (BSU) frame is a first step in shedding new light on the complexity of the South   read more »

Stats Biz – June 2019

Say hello to Stats SA’s new logo! Stats SA has changed from using the drum to using the Coat of Arms as its logo. This was precipitated by a legal opinion from Stats SA’s Legal Services division that, by using a logo that did not include the Coat of Arms, the department was in contravention   read more »