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The total population of Madibeng is 477,381, as per Census 2011

Quick Fact Image 3,17% Growth Rate

The Madibeng Local Municipality is located in the Bojanala Platinum District Municipality within the North West province between the majestic ancient Magaliesberg and the Witwatersrand mountain range, and means ‘the place of water’. The name is derived from the area’s resources that characterise the natural beauty of an area which encompasses the Hartbeespoort, Rooikoppies, Vaalkop and Klipvoor Dams, all of which contribute to the area in terms of tourism.

The Municipality is demarcated into 31 wards of which 10 fall in the urban areas (Brits, Hartbeespoort and Skeerpoort) and 21 in the rural areas and villages. It includes approximately 43 villages and 9 000 farm areas. Madibeng is centrally situated (approximately 50km from Pretoria, 55 km from Johannesburg and 60km from Rustenburg) and is easily accessible with various road networks, amongst others the N4 toll road, which is running from various directions through Madibeng to Mmabatho, as well as a railway line and airport for light aircraft.

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Rustenburg , North West 549,575 6
Bushbuckridge , Mpumalanga 541,248 7
Makhado , Limpopo 516,031 8
Madibeng , North West 477,381 9
King Sabata Dalindyebo , Eastern Cape 451,710 10
Matjhabeng , Free State 406,461 11
City of Matlosana , North West 398,676 12
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27,3% of the population aged 20+ have matric

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The Local Municipality of Madibeng has a total population of 477 381, making it the second most populous municipality in the Bojanala District Municipality after Rustenburg. It is highly rural, with 57% of its population residing in rural areas (tribal or traditional areas),about 28% residing in urban areas and about 15% residing in farming areas.Black Africans are the majority, with an 89% share of the Madibeng Municipality’s population. The most commonly spoken language is Setwana.

More than half of the population is male (53%),with 47% constituting females. At age 85 and older, there were more than twice as many women as men. People under 20 years of age made up over a quarter of the population (33,5%), and people aged 65 and older made up 5% of the population.

Group Percentage
Black African89,3%
Age Males Females
0-4 5,6% 5,5%
5-9 3,9% 3,9%
10-14 3,5% 3,3%
15-19 4% 3,8%
20-24 6% 5%
25-29 6,4% 4,9%
30-34 5,3% 3,8%
35-39 4,2% 3,4%
40-44 3,3% 2,7%
45-49 3% 3%
50-54 2,5% 2,1%
55-59 2% 1,8%
60-64 1,3% 1,3%
65-69 0,9% 1%
70-74 0,6% 0,7%
75-79 0,3% 0,5%
80-84 0,2% 0,3%
85+ 0,1% 0,3%
Language Percentage
Afrikaans 8,8%
English 3,5%
IsiNdebele 2,3%
IsiXhosa 4,5%
IsiZulu 4,7%
Sepedi 7,8%
Sesotho 6,2%
Setswana 42,8%
Sign Language 0,4%
SiSwati 0,9%
Tshivenda 1,7%
Xitsonga 10,8%
Other 3.9%
Not Applicable 1,6%
Group Percentage
Married 24,3%
Living together like married partners 9,8%
Never married 61,3%
Widower/Widow 2,8%
Separated 0,6%
Divorced 1,2%
Group Percentage
No Schooling 4,3%
Some Primary 37,9%
Completed Primary 6%
Some Secondary 33,9%
Completed Secondary 15%
Higher Education 2%
Not Applicable 1,1%
Sex Percentage
Female 46,8%
Male 53,2%
Quick Fact

81% of the household use electricity for lighting

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The Madibeng Local Municipality has a relatively rural population with more than 70% of the population located in rural villages and farms. It has about 160 724 households and the population’s electricity access is quite high, at 81% overall. More than 80% of the households have access to water, either bulk, full, intermediate, informal intermediate or basic supply, and more than 50% of the population has no access to basic sanitation.

Water is supplied from the Harteespoort Dam and Crocodile River. In the rural areas, borehole water is used. The southern part of the municipality is connected to the magalie water systems through metered bulk connections feeding the various water distribution zones via service reservoirs.

Area Percentage
Urban 27,7%
Tribal/Traditional 58,3%
Farm 14%
Item Yes No
Cellphone 89,4% 10,6%
Computer 15,1% 84,9%
Television 70,6% 29,4%
Satellite Television 16,1% 83,9%
Radio 61,3% 38,7%
Landline / Telephone 4,8% 95,2%
Motor Car 22,1% 77,9%
Refrigerator 61% 39%
Electric / Gas-Stove 73,9% 26,1%
Energy Source Cooking Heating Lighting
Electricity 75,6% 63% 81%
Gas 2,2% 1,6% 0,2%
Paraffin 16,5% 6,3% 2,2%
Solar 0,2% 0,2% 0,3%
Candles 0% 0% 16,1%
Wood 5% 10,9% 0%
Coal 0,2% 0,8% 0%
Animal Dung 0% 0,1% 0%
Other 0% 0% 0%
None 0,2% 17,1% 0,4%
Access Percentage
From Home 4,4%
From Cellphone 15,4%
From Work 3,1%
From Elsewhere 4,1%
No Access 73%
Tenure Status Percentage
Rented 28,6%
Owned and fully paid off 49,4%
Owned but not yet paid off 4,7%
Occupied rent free 15,1%
Other 2,2%
Source of water Percentage
Regional/Local water scheme (operated by municipality or other water services provider) 61,7%
Borehole 18,2%
Spring 0,5%
Rain water tank 0,5%
Dam/Pool/Stagnant water 0,5%
River/Stream 0,4%
Water vendor 3,9%
Water tanker 8,4%
Other 5,9%
Toilet Facility Percentage
None 5,8%
Flush toilet (connected to sewerage system) 27,2%
Flush toilet (with septic tank) 4,9%
Chemical toilet 1%
Pit toilet with ventilation 8,5%
Pit toilet without ventilation 48,7%
Bucket toilet 1,9%
Other 2%
Refuse Disposal Percentage
Removed by local authority/private company at least once a week 25,7%
Removed by local authority/private company less often 1,3%
Communal refuse dump 2,8%
Own refuse dump 59,8%
No rubbish disposal 9,2%
Other 1,1%
Refuse Disposal Percentage
Removed by local authority/private company at least once a week 25,7%
Removed by local authority/private company less often 1,3%
Communal refuse dump 2,8%
Own refuse dump 59,8%
No rubbish disposal 9,2%
Other 1,1%
Quick Fact

Unemployment percentage is 30,4.

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Madibeng prides itself on a number of economic activities which play a significant role in the growth of the province and country as a whole, and which include agriculture, mining, tourism and manufacturing. Mining is presently predominant with Madibeng being the world’s third largest chrome producer, and includes the richest Platinum Group Metals Reserve (situated on the Merensky Reef). Manufacturing is also a dominant sector with a wide variety of industries situated in the various industrial areas.

Tourism is one of the strong contenders, if well explored in the area. The possible establishment of the tourism belt is being researched for economic expansion. The advantage of rail and road infrastructure spanning in all lucrative destinations will begin to bear necessary fruit for the prosperity of the people of Madibeng.

The municipality is characterised by high levels of unemployment. In Madibeng, the unemployment rate for those aged 15 to 24 is 38,2%, which is almost 10% more than the overall unemployment rate.

Employment Status Number
Employed 149723
Unemployed 65488
Discouraged Work Seeker 11821
Not Economically Active 103472
Income Percentage
None income 16,2%
R1 - R4,800 3,4%
R4,801 - R9,600 5,5%
R9,601 - R19,600 17,4%
R19,601 - R38,200 20%
R38,201 - R76,4000 19,3%
R76,401 - R153,800 9,4%
R153,801 - R307,600 4,8%
R307,601 - R614,400 2,6%
R614,001 - R1,228,800 0,9%
R1,228,801 - R2,457,600 0,3%
R2,457,601+ 0,2%
Agricultural households
Type of specific activity Number
Livestock production 5,510
Poultry production 9,942
Vegetable production 6,198
Production of other crops 7,918
Other 5,381

**An agricultural household may engage in more than one agricultural activity

Agricultural households
Type of activity Number
Crops only 8,591
Animals only 9,694
Mixed farming 3,630
Other 1,705

**An agricultural household may not fall under more than one agricultural activity

Income category of agricultural households
Annual income category of agricultural household heads Number
No income 6,126
R1-R4 800 494
R4 801-R38 400 11,564
R38 401-R307 200 4,501
R307 201+ 477
Unspecified 458

Place names

Places in Madibeng Municipality

Key Statistics 2011

Total population477,381
Young (0-14)25,7%
Working Age (15-64)69,2%
Elderly (65+)5,1%
Dependency ratio44,4
Sex ratio113,7
Growth rate3,17% (2001-2011)
Population density124 persons/km2
Unemployment rate30,4%
Youth unemployment rate38,2%
No schooling aged 20+7,8%
Higher education aged 20+7,7%
Matric aged 20+27,3%
Number of households160,724
Number of Agricultural households23,621
Average household size2,9
Female headed households30,3%
Formal dwellings59,2%
Housing owned/paying off54,1%
Flush toilet connected to sewerage27,2%
Weekly refuse removal25,7%
Piped water inside dwelling22,2%
Electricity for lighting81%

Key Statistics 2001

Total population347,578
Young (0-14)28,3%
Working Age (15-64)69,2%
Elderly (65+)4,9%
Dependency ratio49,6%
Sex ratio105,2
Growth rate1,65% (2001-2011)
Unemployment rate41,9%
Youth unemployment rate52,9%
No schooling aged 20+15,6%
Higher education aged 20+5,6%
Matric aged 20+20,4%
Number of households95,524
Average household size3,4
Female headed households35%
Formal dwellings61,1%
Housing owned/paying off49,1%
Flush toilet connected to sewerage22,5%
Weekly refuse removal25,5%
Piped water inside dwelling13,7%
Electricity for lighting69,7%