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!Kheis is a Khoi name meaning “a place where you live”, or “a home”. The municipality is named in recognition of the Khoi people who were the first permanent dwellers of the area. The!Kheis Municipal Area was initially inhabited by the Khoi-San people, who are also the first permanent inhabitants of South Africa. The San, who lived a nomadic life, migrated through the area.

The Korannas (Khoi group) arrived in the area during the 18th century. They were widely spread over the “Benede Oranje” area and consisted of various tribes, each with its own captain (leader). The groups who lived in the! Kheisarea, was under the leadership of Captain Willem Bostander and Klaas Springbok. Many of their descendants still live in the area today.

Other Khoi-groups, such as the Griekwas, also migrated through the area and intermarried with the Korannas. Later coloured stock farmers, as well as white hunters and farmers arrived.

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Kgatelopele , Northern Cape 18,687 211
Ubuntu , Northern Cape 18,601 212
Baviaans , Eastern Cape 17,761 213
!Kheis , Northern Cape 16,637 214
Thembelihle , Northern Cape 15,701 215
Prince Albert , Western Cape 13,136 216
KwaSani , KwaZulu-Natal 12,898 217
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13,5% of those 20+ have no schooling.

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!Kheis Municipality was established from the former Groblershoop Municipality, including the following settlements: Boegoeberg,