Welcome to the page of ISIbalo-4: Maths, Stats & Geography Education.

Maths, statistics and geography … three core subjects that form a basic foundation for the basket of disciplines required by the statistical value chain and official statistics.The history of separate development in South Africa, gave rise to an intended consequence of generations of people with little or no grounding in mathematics, as Bantu Education at the time sought to exclude mathematics as a subject in school for Black children. In the words of then Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd, address parliament in 1952, convincingly implored the House of Assembly to consider the exclusion of mathematics because “how can you teach a Bantu child mathematics … when it will have little use for it”.Years later South Africa still struggles with learner performance in mathematics, which has continued to influence critical skills gaps in many disciplines and professions, including statistics. The efforts therefore of ISIbalo include rigorous programmes in enhancing the learning and teaching of mathematics, statistics and human geography, the latter as a basis for demography and GIS applications.

ISIbalo School Programme

28th International Population Conference & Geography Education Project