About ISIbalo


Dr. Pali Lehohla

It is with great pleasure that Statistics South Africa launches the website of the ISIbalo Capacity Building Programme. While strengthening statistics and statistical capacity dates back far in Africa, a new turning point presented itself in 2008 when South Africa questioned the value of hosting the 57th Session of the International Statistical Institute (ISI) in relation to the African statistical development agenda. Since then, we have left no stone unturned in bringing…read more
Professor Ben Kiryegera
African Statistics Elder and Author of “The Emerging Data Revolution in Africa: Strengthening the Statistics, Policy and Decision-Making Chain”
As the global community puts into place mechanisms, institutional arrangements and reforms to scale up for the challenges of the Sustainable Development Goals and an accompanying data revolution, evidence from the journey of the African statistical community over the past two decades suggest that an emerging data revolution began back then with an aim to strengthen…read more
Dr. Miranda Mafafo
Statistics South Africa
When we started the ISIbalo Capacity Building Programme in 2008, our focus on building the capacity and future statistical leadership of Africa was deliberate and unapologetic. It remains so even this year as we launch the ISIbalo website. The work of African statisticians and related professionals has for too long been overshadowed by serious lack of relevant statistical capacity to keep pace with the growing demand for statistics relevant for decision-making and in…read more
Mr Oliver Chinganya
Director: Africa Statistics Centre UN Economic Commission for Africa

The ISIbalo Capacity Building Programme is very timely, particularly the efforts to rekindle the African Young Statisticians in line with the work Africa must achieve towards Agenda 2063. In particular, the upcoming 5th ISIbalo African Young Statisticians Conference in Pretoria in June 2016 and its sub-theme on “The demographic dividend and the African economy” is an area which Africa should really focus on during the next couple years. There are many questions, to…read more
Professor Lehana Thabane
McMaster University in Canada

I personally want to thank Statistics South Africa for a fantastic job with the ISIbalo Capacity Building Programme! I recall the enthusiasm and excitement that the Africa young statisticians had when we started in 2008. The introduction of this programme represents hope for the future of capacity building on the continent. We remain committed to support, role-play and do whatever it takes to rekindle and sustain the process towards African statistical development. The year 2016…read more