Census 2001: Stages in the life cycle of South Africans

This report contains descriptions of the people counted in South Africa during Census 2001, grouped according to the various stages in the life cycle: infants (aged 0–4), children (5–13), youth (14–34), adults (35–64) and the elderly (aged 65 and above). The analysis therefore presents census data from a different perspective than in earlier census publications. Each stage of the life cycle influences the next stage. An understanding of the numbers and characteristics of people in each life stage and the circumstances in which they are living is important for understanding the role that both government and the broader society can play to give support to people as they grow and develop, stabilise and then decline, and to help them to live productive lives.

Breakdowns not previously published include family relationships and which family members live together. Data on the employed include the employed elderly. Analysis is made of the population in collective living quarters at the time of the census, including the prison population. Data on households and household services are given in terms of individuals rather than in terms of households, as usually presented. Other topics covered are language, education and disability.

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