Industry code list

11 Agriculture, hunting and related services
111 Growing of crops; market gardening; horticulture
112 Farming of animals
113 Growing of crops combined with farming of animals (mixed farming)
114 Agricultural and animal husbandry services, except veterinary activities
115 Hunting, trapping and game propagation, including related services
116 Production of organic fertilizer
12 Forestry, logging and related services
121 Forestry and related services
122 Logging and related services
13 Fishing, operation of fish hatcheries and fish farms
131 Ocean and coastal fishing
132 Fish hatcheries and fish
21 Mining of coal and lignite
22 Extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas; service activities incidental to oil and gas extraction, excluding surveying
23 Mining of gold and uranium ore
24 Mining of metal ores, except gold and uranium
241 Mining of iron ore
242 Mining of non-ferrous metal ores, except gold and uranium
25 Other mining and quarrying
251 Stone quarrying, clay and sand-pits
252 Mining of diamonds (including alluvial diamonds)
253 Mining and quarrying n.e.c.
29 Service activities incidental to mining of minerals
30 Manufacture of food products, beverages and tobacco products
301 Production, processing and preservation of meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, oils and fats
302 Manufacture of dairy products
303 Manufacture of grain mill products, starches and starch products and prepared animal feeds
304 Manufacture of other food products
305 Manufacture of beverages
306 Manufacture of tobacco products
31 Manufacture of textiles, clothing and leather goods
311 Spinning, weaving and finishing of textiles
312 Manufacture of other textiles
313 Manufacture of knitted and crocheted fabrics and articles
314 Manufacture of wearing apparel, except fur apparel
315 Dressing and dyeing of fur; manufacture of articles of fur
316 Tanning and dressing of leather; manufacture of luggage, handbag, saddlery and harness
317 Manufacture of footwear
32 Manufacture of wood and of products of wood and cork, except furniture; manufacture
of articles of straw and plaiting materials; manufacture of paper and paper products; publishing, printing and reproduction of recorded media
321 Sawmilling and planing of wood
322 Manufacture of products of wood, cork, straw and plaiting materials
323 Manufacture of paper and paper products
324 Publishing
325 Printing and service activities related to printing
326 Reproduction of recorded media
33 Manufacture of coke, refined petroleum products and nuclear fuel; manufacture of chemicals and chemical products; manufacture of rubber and plastic products
331 Manufacture of coke oven products
332 Petroleum refineries / synthesisers
333 Processing of nuclear fuel
334 Manufacture of basic chemicals
335 Manufacture of other chemical products
336 Manufacture of man-made fibres
337 Manufacture of rubber products
338 Manufacture of plastic products
34 Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products
341 Manufacture of glass and glass products
342 Manufacture of non-metallic mineral products n.e.c
35 Manufacture of basic metals, fabricated metal products, machinery and equipment and of office, accounting and computing machinery
351 Manufacture of basic iron and steel
352 Manufacture of basic precious and non-ferrous metals
353 Casting of metals
354 Manufacture of structural metal products, tanks, reservoirs and steam generators
355 Manufacture of other fabricated metal products; metalwork service activities
356 Manufacture of general purpose machinery
357 Manufacture of special purpose machinery
358 Manufacture of household appliances n.e.c.
359 Manufacture of office, accounting and computing machinery
36 Manufacture of electrical machinery and apparatus n.e.c.
361 Manufacture of electric motors, generators and transformers
362 Manufacture of electricity distribution and control apparatus
363 Manufacture of insulated wire and cable
364 Manufacture of accumulators, primary cells and primary batteries
365 Manufacture of electric lamps and lighting equipment
366 Manufacture of other electrical equipment n.e.c.
37 Manufacture of radio, television and communication equipment and apparatus and of medical, precision and optical instruments, watches and clocks
371 Manufacture of electronic valves and tubes and other electronic components
372 Manufacture of television and radio transmitters and apparatus for line telephony and line telegraphy
373 Manufacture of television and radio receivers, sound or video recording or reproducing apparatus
and associated goods
374 Manufacture of medical appliances and instruments and appliances for measuring, checking, testing,
navigating and for other purposes, except optical instruments
375 Manufacture of optical instruments and photographic equipment
376 Manufacture of watches and clocks
38 Manufacture of transport equipment
381 Manufacture of motor vehicles
382 Manufacture of bodies (coachwork) for motor vehicles; manufacture of trailers and semi-trailers
383 Manufacture of parts and accessories for motor vehicles and their engines
384 Building and repairing of ships and boats
385 Manufacture of railway and tramway locomotives and rolling stock
386 Manufacture of aircraft and space-craft
387 Manufacture of transport equipment n.e.c.
39 Manufacture of furniture; manufacturing n.e.c.; recycling
391 Manufacture of furniture
392 Manufacturing n.e.c.
395 Recycling n.e.c.
41 Electricity, gas, steam and hot water supply
411 Production, collection and distribution of electricity
412 Manufacture of gas; distribution of gaseous fuels through mains
413 Steam and hot water supply
42 Collection, purification and distribution of water
50 Construction
501 Site preparation
502 Building of complete constructions or parts thereof; civil engineering
503 Building installation
504 Building completion
505 Renting of construction of demolition equipment with operators
61 Wholesale and commission trade, except of motor vehicles and motor cycles
611 Wholesale trade on a fee or contract basis
612 Wholesale trade in agricultural raw materials, livestock, food, beverages and tobacco
613 Wholesale trade in household goods
614 Wholesale trade in non-agricultural intermediate products, waste and scrap
615 Wholesale trade in machinery, equipment and supplies
619 Other wholesale trade
62 Retail trade, except of motor vehicles and motor cycles; repair of personal and household goods
621 Non-specialised retail trade in stores
622 Retail trade in food, beverages and tobacco in specialised stores
623 Other retail trade in new goods in specialised stores
624 Retail trade in second-hand goods in stores
625 Retail trade not in stores
626 Repair of personal and household goods
63 Sale, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and motor cycles; retail trade in automotive fuel
631 Sale of motor vehicles
632 Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
633 Sale of motor vehicle parts and accessories
634 Sale, maintenance and repair of motor cycles and related parts and accessories
635 Retail sale of automotive fuel
64 Hotels and restaurants
641 Hotels, camping sites and other provision of short-stay accommodation
642 Restaurants, bars and canteens
71 Land transport; transport via pipelines
711 Railway transport
712 Other land transport
713 Transport via pipelines
72 Water transport
721 Sea and coastal water transport
722 Inland water transport
73 Air transport
74 Supporting and auxiliary transport activities; activities of travel agencies
75 Post and telecommunication
751 Postal and related courier activities
752 Telecommunication
81 Financial intermediation, except insurance and pension funding
811 Monetary intermediation
819 Other financial intermediation n.e.c.
82 Insurance and pension funding, except compulsory social security
821 Insurance and pension funding, except compulsory social security
83 Activities auxiliary to financial intermediation
831 Activities auxiliary to financial intermediation, except insurance and pension funding
832 Activities auxiliary to insurance and pension funding
84 Real estate activities
841 Real estate activities with own or leased property
842 Real estate activities on a fee or contract basis
85 Renting of machinery and equipment, without operator and of personal and household goods
851 Renting of transport equipment
852 Renting of other machinery and equipment
853 Renting of personal and household goods n.e.c.
86 Computer and related activities
861 Hardware consultancy
862 Software consultancy and supply
863 Data processing
864 Data base activities
865 Maintenance and repair of office, accounting and computing machinery
869 Other computer related activities
87 Research and development
871 Research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering
872 Research and experimental development on social sciences and humanities
88 Other business activities
881 Legal, accounting, bookkeeping and auditing activities; tax consultancy; market research and public-opinion research; business and management consultancy
882 Architectural, engineering and other technical activities
883 Advertising
889 Business activities n.e.c.
91 Public administration and defence activities
911 Central government activities
912 Regional services council activities
913 Local authority activities
92 Education
93 Health and social work
931 Human health activities
932 Veterinary activities
933 Social work activities
94 Other community, social and personal service activities
940 Sewage and refuse disposal, sanitation and similar activities
95 Activities of membership organisations n.e.c.
951 Activities of business, employers and professional organisations
952 Activities of trade unions
959 Activities of other membership organisations
96 Recreational, cultural and sporting activities
961 Motion picture, radio, television and other entertainment activities
962 News agency activities
963 Library, archives, museums and other cultural activities
964 Sporting and other recreational activities
99 Other service activities
010 Private households with employed persons
020 Exterritorial organisations
030 Representatives of foreign governments
090 Other activities not adequately defined
005 Ambiguous
998 Undetermined