What is the Community Survey 2007?

The Community Survey (CS) is a large-scale household survey conducted by Statistics South Africa to bridge the gap between censuses. Historically, the census took place at a 5 year interval (1996 and 2001), but this has been extended to a 10 – year interval.

What is the purpose of the survey?

The purpose of Community Survey 2007 is to collect information on the trends and level on demographic and socio-economic data; the extent of poor households; access to facilities and services; levels of employment/unemployment; in order to assist government and private sector in planning, evaluation and monitoring of programmes and policies.

How many households will be enumerated?

Approximately 280 000 households nationwide will be enumerated.

What is enumeration?

Enumeration for the purpose of the Community Survey is a process of collecting demographic and other information from individuals within an enumeration area.

What is an enumeration area?

An enumerations area (EA) is the smallest geographical unit (piece of land) into which the country is divided for enumeration purposes. Enumeration areas contain between 100 to 250 households.

Who will be interviewed?

Randomly selected households within the enumeration areas will be interviewed.

Who should participate?

People whose households fall within the enumeration areas should participate. However, the information that you disclose will be handled in strictest of confidence, and will not be revealed individually.

How will I identify Stats SA enumerators?

Statistics SA enumerators are recognised by:

• Yellow over-shirt
• Yellow satchels
• Blue Community Survey caps
• Stats SA/ Community Survey magnetic stickers on cars
• ID cards

When will Community Survey 2007 be conducted?

The survey will be conducted in from 7 to 28 February 2007.