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Naledi Local Municipality (NW392) covers a total area of approximately 7,258 km². This land mass is 15% of the total area of the Dr. Ruth S Mompati District Municipality area. The administrative centre of the municipality is in the town of Vryburg. The town of Vryburg is considered the agricultural and industrial centre of Dr Ruth S Mompati District Municipality. The town is the host to the 3rd largest agricultural show in South Africa, namely Vryburg Show, which attracts farmers from almost all provinces in the country as well as farmers from the neighbouring countries such as the Republic of Namibia and Botswana. This makes the municipality the main employer within the district and most significant contributor to GDP. Naledi Local Municipality is separated into five main places, namely, Vryburg town, Huhudi township, Colridge township, Stella, Devondale and Dithakwaneng village. The municipal area is surrounded by the other three local municipalities within the district, namely, Greater Taung Municipality (70km), Kagisano Molopo Municipality (70km) and Mamusa Municipality(70km). The town of Vryburg is about 140km away from Kuruman town in the Northern Cape Province and 160km from Mahikeng municipality, the administrative centre of the North West Province. The municipality is divided into 9 administrative wards and has a total of 18 ward councillors (ward councillors and their assistants/PR councillors).  read more »


Mamusa Local Municipality (NW393) covers a total area of approximately 3 681 km². This land mass is 7,8% of the total area of the Dr. Ruth S Mompati District Municipality. The administrative centre of the municipality is in the rural area of Schweizer-Reneke situated on the banks of the Harts River and at the foot of the Mamusa hills. The town of Schweizer-Reneke is the only town in Mamusa Local Municipality and is surrounded by agricultural farms. Schweizer-Reneke is the main administration centre for the local municipality and is closer to the township called Ipelegeng. Other townships under Mamusa Local Municipality include Amalia, Glodina, Migdol and Sharon. The Mamusa Local Municipality is situated about 70 km from Vryburg, where the district municipality offices reside.    read more »

//Khara Hais

//Khara Hais Local Municipality is a Category B municipality and is located in the Siyanda District Municipality, which is the second-largest district in the Northern Cape. It is the acknowledged commercial, educational, military, agricultural, medical, transport and tourist center of the area. The unusual spelling of the name of the local municipality, with the // glyph, is a result of the transcription of the click consonant used in the Kxoe language from which the name originates.

The municipality straddles the Orange River. The main towns in this area are Upington, Raaswater, Louisvale, Kalksloot, Leerkrans, Karos and Lambrechtsdrift. Upington is the central town situated 400km west of Kimberley. Upington has an airport and a landing strip. This town plays a very prominent role in the lives of the residents of this local municipality. Upington was established in the 1870s when the Reverend Christiaan Schroder was sent from Cape Town to establish a mission at the request of the Hottentots chieftain Klaas Lucas, who realized the importance of being able to read and write. Shortly after the establishment of the Mission, various pioneer settlers including Japie Lutz and the Reverend Schroder realized that the area was ideal for irrigation development and the first irrigation canals were hand-dug in 1880 - some of which are still in use today. Since then, Upington grew rapidly today, Upington is the Provincial Capital for the Northern Cape Province and as such has taken on a new and important role in the development of the whole region.

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Kgatelopele Local Municipality is a category B municipality found in the Northern Cape. It was formerly known as Danielskuil Municipal District. This region includes the towns of Danielskuil and Lime Acres. Kgatelopele is a Setswana name that means "progress".read more »


Gamagara Local Municipality comprises an area of 2 619 square kilometers, and is located in the north-eastern sector of the Northern Cape on the N14 between Upington and Vryburg. It is approximately 200km north-east of Upington and 280km north-west of Kimberley.

The municipal area of Gamagara consists of five towns:Kathu, Shesheng, Dibeng, Dingleton, and Olifantshoek, a large farming area and a considerable mining area. Kathu is the largest town within the municipality and is also the administrative center of the Gamagara Local Municipality. Olifantshoek is the second largest town and is located near the Gamagara River to the north-west of Kathu. Dingleton is the smallest of the five towns and is located in the centre of the mining activities directly south of Kathu.

Gamagara Municipality has grown from 23 202 people in 2001 to 41 617 people in 2011 (Census 2011).

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Transport and the need for transport has become an important part of daily life in South Africa. Not only does the movement of goods and services play an important part in the South African economy, but the types of transport available to individuals affects spatial decisions in terms of work, entertainment, education and place of residence. Stats SA publishes a range of transport-related information in various reports and publications. Travel survey The National Household Travel survey (NHTS) provides insight into the travel patterns of South African households, providing information on modes of transport used, such as land, air and water transport, as well as cycling, walking, public and private transport. Also included are statistics on travel times, transport challenges experienced by households, and travel patterns related to work, education and leisure. NHTS surveys were conducted in 2003 and 2013. Transport and the economy Stats SA’s quarterly Gross domestic product (GDP) release provides information on the size and growth of various industries in the South African economy, including the transport industry. The same publication also includes figures on overall household expenditure on transport. The monthly Motor trade sales release provides the time series data of trade in motor vehicles and motor accessories. The Land transport survey, published on a monthly basis, provides data on passenger and freight transportation by land. The Producer Price Index (PPI) release provides information on the prices of transport equipment leaving the factory gate. The extent to which prices of fuel, public transport and private transport are changing is covered in the monthly Consumer Price Index (CPI) release. Employment Stats SA’s Quarterly Labour Force Survey (QLFS) and Quarterly Employment Survey (QES) provide information on the number of individuals employed in various industries, including the transport industry. Financial indicators The Quarterly Financial Statistics (QFS) and Annual Financial Statistics (AFS) reports provide a financial overview of various industries, including transport, storage and communication. Data on turnover, income and expenditure, profit or loss and various balance sheet items are also included in the reports. The transport and storage industry report for 2013 provides more in-depth information on the size, nature and structure of the transport and storage industry. This periodic survey provides details on employment within the industry, trading income, expenditure, profit or loss, inventories, sales and services, and more »