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uMhlabuyalingana Local Municipalityi s one of five municipalitiesthat fall within uMkhanyakude District Municipality.  uMhlabuyalingana is located in the far northern part of KwaZulu-Natal, sharing its northern border with the country of Mozambique.

The municipality is deeply rural, with almost its entire population living in traditional authority areas. Several nature reserves are located within the municipality, including the Isimangaliso Wetland Park which is a World Heritage Site (Wikipedia).

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Nkandla is situated in a remote area of breathtaking mountainous beauty, which consists mainly of tribal lands and state-owned land. The area has a wealth of undisturbed forests, which boast many indigenous species. Nkandla has a claim to be the ‘cradle’ of Zulu history. From Malandela to Shaka, to Dingane and Cetshwayo, Nkandla has been at the centre stage of the Zulu nation’s history. The graves of King Malandela and Cetshwayo are at Nkandla. Nkandla Town is the only urban area in Nkandla Municipality which offers the full array of urban development, albeit at a smaller scale compared to the majority of towns in KwaZulu-Natal. This includes low-density residential, active and passive open space, schools, commercial areas, service-industries, churches, offices, government buildings an services, financial services, more »


Maphumulo is situated on the R74 Road from Stanger to Kranskop.The Maphumulo Local Municipality is classified as a Category B Municipality according to the Municipal Structures, 1998 (Act No. 117 of 1998). It comprises of mostly rural areas governed by Traditional Authorities. Maphumulo Municipality possesses a lot of untapped cultural/eco-tourism potential due its cultural background and natural heritage. It boasts tourist such natural attractions as Kwa-Shushu Hot Springs, ItshelikaNtunjambili and Sabuyaze Mountain amongst others. From both a historical and cultural perspective, IzibayazikaGcugcwa and the world famous battlefields of the Bambatha Rebellion serve as a good attraction for the more »


This municipality is in Limpopo and was originally established in the year 2000 after the amalgamation of the Bochum-My-Darling, Alldays-Buysdorp, and parts of Moletjie-Matlala TLCs. It is situated in the North western boundary of the Republic of South Africa with Botswana and Zimbabwe where the Limpopo River serves as the border between the municipality, Botswana and Zimbabwe. It is largely a rural municipality with 99,8% of the settlement being tribal or traditional and it is situated 95 km from Polokwane and has 21 wards.

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Naledi Local Municipality (NW392) covers a total area of approximately 7,258 km². This land mass is 15% of the total area of the Dr. Ruth S Mompati District Municipality area. The administrative centre of the municipality is in the town of Vryburg. The town of Vryburg is considered the agricultural and industrial centre of Dr Ruth S Mompati District Municipality. The town is the host to the 3rd largest agricultural show in South Africa, namely Vryburg Show, which attracts farmers from almost all provinces in the country as well as farmers from the neighbouring countries such as the Republic of Namibia and Botswana. This makes the municipality the main employer within the district and most significant contributor to GDP. Naledi Local Municipality is separated into five main places, namely, Vryburg town, Huhudi township, Colridge township, Stella, Devondale and Dithakwaneng village. The municipal area is surrounded by the other three local municipalities within the district, namely, Greater Taung Municipality (70km), Kagisano Molopo Municipality (70km) and Mamusa Municipality(70km). The town of Vryburg is about 140km away from Kuruman town in the Northern Cape Province and 160km from Mahikeng municipality, the administrative centre of the North West Province. The municipality is divided into 9 administrative wards and has a total of 18 ward councillors (ward councillors and their assistants/PR councillors).  read more »

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