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Greater Taung

Greater Taung Local Municipality (NW 394) is situated in the western part of North West in the area of jurisdiction of Dr Ruth S Mompati District Municipality. The municipality is one of the five local municipalities in Dr Ruth S Mompati District Municipality.The municipality covers an area of 5 639 Km2, which accounts for 11,8 % of the total area of Dr Ruth S Mompati District Municipality.The main rural towns/townships in the municipal area are Reivilo, Pudimoe and Taung Central. About 95% of the municipal area is predominantly rural. There are about 106 widely-scattered villages in the municipal area. There are Northern Cape areas that one passes when going from one village to the other within the municipality, namely Pampierstad township and Northern Cape farms. These areas previously formed part of the municipality but were later moved to the Northern Cape during the last demarcation process. The municipality is divided into 26 administration wards and has a total of 52 councillors (both ward and PR councillors). As the municipality is predominantly rural, villages have been divided under the three tribal authorities under three paramount chiefs, namely Mankuroane, Mothibi and Motlhabane. The agricultural sector, both commercial and subsistence, is the major employer and contributor to the municipal economy. The municipal population stands at 177 642 (the largest in the district), with a total of 48 612 households.When compared to the 2001 population statistics, the population size has declined from a total of 182 164 to 177 642 in 2011. The average population density stands at 31, more »


Ubuntu Local Municipality is a municipality in the Pixley ka Seme District Municipality of the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. It is situated in Victoria West; other towns in the municipality are Richmond, Loxton and two small railway villages Hutchinson and Merriman. The region forms a part of the Karoo area. The agriculture and tourism industries are supported by the location, topography and climate of the region. A variety of minerals occur in the region yet no mining activities exist. Several applications for uranium prospecting have been submitted to the Department of Minerals and Energy. The new demarcation joined Victoria West, Hutchinson, Merriman, Loxton and Richmond into a single Municipality. Victoria West, situated on the N12, is the main town. Richmond is situated on the more »


Emthanjeni Local Municipality is a category B municipality consisting of three towns: De Aar, Britstown and Hanover. Emthanjeni, and especially De Aar, is renowned for its central location on the main railway line between Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Namibia. It is situated in the Pixley ka Seme District Municipality and is the seat of this district. Its location is approximately 300 km south-west of Kimberley, 440 km south-east of Upington, 300 km north-east of Beaufort-West and 300 km south-west of Bloemfontein. The land area comprises 11% of the district land area and 3% of the province. It represents approximately 23% of the district more »

//Khara Hais

//Khara Hais Local Municipality is a Category B municipality and is located in the Siyanda District Municipality, which is the second-largest district in the Northern Cape. It is the acknowledged commercial, educational, military, agricultural, medical, transport and tourist center of the area. The unusual spelling of the name of the local municipality, with the // glyph, is a result of the transcription of the click consonant used in the Kxoe language from which the name originates.

The municipality straddles the Orange River. The main towns in this area are Upington, Raaswater, Louisvale, Kalksloot, Leerkrans, Karos and Lambrechtsdrift. Upington is the central town situated 400km west of Kimberley. Upington has an airport and a landing strip. This town plays a very prominent role in the lives of the residents of this local municipality. Upington was established in the 1870s when the Reverend Christiaan Schroder was sent from Cape Town to establish a mission at the request of the Hottentots chieftain Klaas Lucas, who realized the importance of being able to read and write. Shortly after the establishment of the Mission, various pioneer settlers including Japie Lutz and the Reverend Schroder realized that the area was ideal for irrigation development and the first irrigation canals were hand-dug in 1880 - some of which are still in use today. Since then, Upington grew rapidly today, Upington is the Provincial Capital for the Northern Cape Province and as such has taken on a new and important role in the development of the whole region.

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Tsantsabane Local Municipality is located within the north-eastern parts of the Northern Cape Province, and falls within the boundaries of the Siyanda District Municipality. Tsantsabane was the original name given to the town by the Batswana because of the presence of many shiny stones (e.g. the hematite). The nearest business centre is Kimberley, which is about 200km away. The municipality's main town is Postmasburg. Three main traffic routes provide access to other cities, namely Johannesburg via Kuruman and the Kalahari and Cape Town via Kimberley. The rest of the Tsantsabane Municipality area comprises of Boichoko, Postdene, New Town, Stasie, Groen Water, Skyfontein, Jean Heaven, the new established settlement brought about by the land redistribution called Marenane, and the well-known Lohatlha Army Battle SchoolCities/Towns: Beeshoek and Postmasburg. Area: 18,333kmฒ.read more »

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