Causes of Death 2013

Quick Fact

A15-A19 - Tuberculosis

J09-J18 - Influenza and pneumonia

I60-I69 - Cerebrovascular diseases

I30-I52 - Other forms of heart disease

E10-E14 - Diabetes mellitus

B20-B24 - Human immunodeficiency virus [HIV] disease

I10-I15 - Hypertensive diseases

B25-B34 - Other viral diseases

A00-A09 - Intestinal infectious diseases

J40-J47 - Chronic lower respiratory diseases

Calling a spade a spade: deaths due to HIV moves into top 5

The 2013 Mortality and Causes of Death release shows that HIV disease has moved from being ranked sixth in 2012 to being ranked third in 2013. Of the 458 933 deaths registered at the Department of Home Affairs in 2013 and processed by Statistics South Africa (Stats SA), 5,1% were due to HIV disease, an increase   read more »