Young Statisticians Work Programme



1.1 Young Statisticians in Africa

Statistics South Africa has been at the forefront of leading the revitalisation of statistical development in Africa since 2005.  The regional statistical agenda prioritises the empowerment and capacity building of young African statisticians; recognizing their role in the near future in leading statistical development on the continent, and thereby sustaining the existing and planned initiatives and programmes.

The engagement of youth in development is not only a priority for the continent, but is further recognized in the global development agenda and explicitly in the proposed United Nations sustainable development goals.

In this regard, the African statistical fraternity has made commitments and initiated efforts towards providing a systematic format for training, mentorship and apprenticeship for young African statisticians across the continent. These initiatives have been conceptualized into a continental pan-African statistical capacity building programme known as the ISIbalo young African statisticians’ programme. The programme was established in 2009 as a legacy of the 57th session of the International Statistical Institute (ISI) held in Durban, South Africa.

The ISibalo programme is designed to address the priorities of the African integration agenda and is structured around the thirteen statistical priority areas of the SHaSA (Strategy on the Harmonisation of Statistics in Africa). The programme contributes towards human capital development in statistics by building and expanding the pool of experienced, competent and operational statisticians on the continent. The strategic objectives of the programme are to:

(i)Promote a culture of continuous learning and knowledge creation;

(ii)contribute to improvement of the quality and harmonization of statistics in Africa;

(iii)empower and build the future leadership of statistics on the continent for sustainable statistical development; and,

(iv)to contribute towards strengthening the institutional capacity of the African statistical system.

 1.2  African Young Statisticians Programme

The Africa Young Statisticians Programme will be guided by (i) priorities set by the Africa Centre for Statistics (ACS) of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) (ii) priorities set by the Africa Symposium of Statistical Development (ASSD) and (iii) national development priorities of African countries.  A broad programme will be developed and unveiled at the next ASSD meeting in 2016.  But broadly, elements of the programme will include:

Themes of the Africa Young Statisticians Work Programme



Building Statistical Leadership

Population & Housing Censuses

Civil Registration & Vital Statistics

Survey Standards & Methodology

Data Harmonisation

Systems of National Accounts

Research & Development in Key Thematic Areas

National Development Priorities & Policy Analysis

Training & Post-Graduate Studies

African Statistical Development Agenda

International Development Agenda

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