Key findings: P9119.3 - Financial statistics of national government, 2013



This statistical release provides information on the sources and uses of cash of national government for the fiscal year 2011/2012 and 2012/2013, classified economically and functionally. The total net change in the stock of cash from the national revenue fund and donor funds amounted to a decrease of R28 884 million for the 2012/2013 fiscal year.

2. Major Influences

The major contributors to the decrease of R28 884 million from the net change in the stock of cash of national government for the fiscal year 2012/2013 are the cash receipts from operating activities, R842 010 million (2011/2012: R764 504 million); cash payments for operating activities, R994 329 million, (2011/2012: R900 423 million); purchases of non-financial assets, R14 175 million, (2011/2012: R11 984 million); sales of non-financial assets, R94 million (2011/2012: R115 million); net acquisition of financial assets other than cash, R1 447 million (2011/2012: R4 345 million); and net incurrence of liabilities, R138 963 million (2011/2012: R125 187 million).

The largest contributors to the total cash payments for operating activities and purchases of non-financial assets of R1 008 505 million from the national revenue fund and donor funds for the 2012/2013 fiscal year were transfers of a general character between different levels of government (R359 673 million or 35,7%) to provincial governments to defray their expenditure on general government services; followed by total social protection (R114 186 million or 11,3%); total public order and safety (R96 750 million or 9,6%); public debt transactions (mainly interest) (R88 063 million or 8,7%); total economic affairs (R87 435 million or 8,7%); executive and legislative services, financial and fiscal affairs, foreign affairs other than foreign aid (R64 561 million or 6,4%); total housing and community amenities (R51 490 million or 5,1%); total education (R47 609 million or 4,7%); total defence (R38 116 million or 3,8%); total health (R31 991 million or 3,2%); general services (R13 610 million or 1,3%); basic research (R4 828 million or 0,5%); total recreation, culture and religion (R4 681 million or 0,5%); and total environmental protection (R3 601 million or 0,4%) (see Table B, p. 10, Figure 3, p. 11).