Key findings: P3043 - Manufacturing: Utilisation of production capacity by large enterprises, May 2022

The utilisation of production capacity by large manufacturers was 77,2% in May 2022 compared with 77,8% in May 2021, a decrease of 0,6 of a percentage point.


Four of the ten manufacturing divisions showed decreases in utilisation of production capacity in May 2022 compared with May 2021. Decreases were recorded in the following divisions:

  • motor vehicles, parts and accessories and other transport equipment (‑5,4 percentage points);
  • wood and wood products, paper, publishing and printing (‑3,2 percentage points);
  • furniture and ‘other’ manufacturing (6,4 percentage points);
  • radio, television and communication apparatus and professional equipment (‑1,6 percentage points); and
  • food and beverages (‑1,0 percentage point).


The following divisions recorded rates of utilisation of production capacity above 80% in May 2022:

  • electrical machinery (81,9%);
  • food and beverages (81,2%); and
  • furniture and ‘other’ manufacturing (80,8%).