Key findings: P1101 - Agricultural survey, 2014

Total income

Total income earned by the commercial farming sector was R212 998 million in 2014, 10,8% higher than 2013 (R192 162 million). Animals and animal products generated the largest sales (R92 291 million or 43,3%), followed by field crops (R45 190 million or 21,2%) and horticulture crops (R45 114 million or 21,2%).

Current expenditure

The total current expenditure incurred by the commercial farming sector was R201 539 million, 8,3% higher than 2013 (R186 145 million). The major contributors towards the total current expenditure were feed (livestock, poultry and aquaculture) (R29 411 million or 14,6%), followed by animals and animal product purchased (R23 238 or 11,6%) and salaries, cash wages and bonuses (R23 191 million or 11,5%).

Capital expenditure

Total capital expenditure on new assets in the commercial farming sector amounted to R19 734 million in 2014 compared with R18 421 million in 2013, an increase of 7,1%. Motor vehicles, plant, machinery, tractors and other transport reported the highest capital expenditure (R13 428 million or 67,9% ), followed by land and buildings (R4 923 million or 24,9%).