Key findings: P1101 - Agricultural survey, 2013

Total income

Total income earned by the commercial farming sector was R182 980 million in 2013, 11,3% higher than 2012 (R164 363 million). Animals and animal products generated the largest sales (R87 291 million or 47,7%), followed by horticultural products (R37 693 million or 20,6%) and field crops (R37 148 million or 20,3%).

Current expenditure

The total current expenditure incurred by the commercial farming sector for the financial year ending 30 June 2013 was R178 474 million, 11,0% higher than 2012 (R160 824 million). The major contributors towards the total current expenditure were animals and additional products purchased (R27 607 million or 15,5%), followed by feed (R26 558 or 14,9%) and salaries, cash wages and bonuses (R20 720 million or 11,6%).

Capital expenditure

Total capital expenditure in the commercial farming sector amounted to R17 934 million in 2013 compared with R15 028 million in 2012, an increase of 19,3%. Motor vehicles, plant, machinery, tractors and other transport reported the highest capital expenditure (R11 287 million or 62,9% ), followed by land and buildings (R5 487 million or 30,6%).