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In March 2020, in the interest of respondent and staff safety, Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) took a decision to stop all face-to-face fieldwork operations, and collect data for household surveys telephonically.

Regular surveys that have been affected by this decision were the Quarterly Labour Force Survey (QLFS), which gives us information on employment and unemployment; the General Household Survey, which gives insight into areas such as basic service delivery, education and health; the Domestic Tourism Survey (DTS), which gives insight into areas such as basic service delivery, education and health as well as the Governance, Public Safety and Justice Survey (GPSJS), which looks at issues of community safety.

Due to the pandemic, the historical face – to – face data collection is now temporarily replaced with a telephonic interview. To enhance our existing frames, Stats SA is planning to update the contact details of all households found in sampled dwelling units  that will form part of the data collection process. Stats SA fieldworkers will therefore return to field periodically, starting from 06 April 2021, to collect contact details (telephone and email) from the selected households so that telephonic data collection can be done. The collection of contact details will continue on a monthly basis into next year (2022).

Stats SA is doing everything in its power to keep our respondents and staff members safe. Staff members (Survey Officers) complete a personal screening questionnaire and undergo a temperature check before being allowed into field. Staff have been trained on the necessary COVID-19 health protocols, and have been issued with all the necessary personal protective equipment. Stats SA vehicles that go out into field are sanitised daily according to Occupational Health and Safety regulations.

Stats SA fieldworkers will wear Stats SA-branded bibs and carry Stats SA ID cards. If you want to verify that the person at your door is a legitimate Stats SA staff member you can access their details online (Field Staff); contact the call centre on 0800 110 248 (toll-free from a landline), or call your nearest district office (contact list link). You do not need to allow the staff member entry to your premises; you can answer their questions via the intercom or through your security gate.

Stats SA guarantees the privacy of your information. Section 17 of the Statistics Act, Act no 6 of 1999, states that individual level data cannot be shared with any organisation, legal entity or individual. Any Stats SA staff member found to be in breach of this is liable to a fine of up to R 10 000 or 6 months in prison, or both.

Households found in sampled dwelling units are scientifically chosen, and cannot be substituted. We urge you to please cooperate with our fieldworkers, both during the collection of contact details and the telephonic data collection process, in order to ensure that our country has the information it needs to plan correctly.

  • Contact details of sampled households.

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