Mbalo Brief – September 2014

As a country with the highest number of official languages in the world, South Africa is home to one of the most diverse population the world over. Apart from having 11official languages recognised by our Constitution, South Africa is home to culturally diverse nations whose have either settled here in the recent past or who have non-indigenous cultures. In recognition of the country’s cultural diversity, South Africa’s first democratically-elected government established Heritage Day which was to be celebrated nationally in acknowledgment of our cultural diversity. The date for the celebration of this holiday is 24th September annually.

In celebrating this year’s Heritage Month, South Africans – as part of Government’s “Tell Your Story” campaign – are encouraged to educate the youth about the history of the country, share their experiences of life during apartheid South Africa, how life has changed since the dawn of democracy and the challenges that still need to be overcome.

This September 2014 issue of Mbalo Brief presents a summary of the results of selected census data collected on the lives of residents of the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality in Eastern Cape. This is the last in a series of educational articles aimed at highlighting certain aspects of the Census 2011 results at metropolitan municipality level. This article presents statistics on aspects such as the population growth rate, access to housing and basic household services, educational background, and the unemployment rate in this municipality.

This month’s issue is also packed with articles on various statistics based on industry surveys conducted for the months ranging from March to July 2014, based on results of industry surveys which were released in August and September 2014. For full details on any of the surveys, visit our website at

Do not forget to Tell Your Story this Heritage Month in celebration of our unity in diversity over the past 20 years of freedom.

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