Pilot Census to make use of remote data collection only

In light of the increasing COVID-19 infections, and the move to alert level 4, Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) has suspended all face-to-face data collection, in order to ensure the safety of fieldworkers and respondents against the spread of the Coronavirus. Only remote data collection methods will be used, i.e. online where households complete the questionnaire themselves, and telephonic where a Stats SA call centre agent contacts you to help you complete the questionnaire. Households are required to register by 30 July 2021 on getcounted.statssa.gov.za . If you have any challenges registering, you may contact the call centre on 0800 110 248 for assistance.

Registration and completion of the questionnaire, both telephonic and online, is free. No respondent, whether on prepaid or contract, on whichever network, will pay any data costs to register and complete the Pilot Census Questionnaire.

Data collection for the Pilot Census will continue until 4th August 2021. The Pilot Census Online Questionnaire will be sent to households that registered for online collection. A Stats SA call centre agent will call respondents that registered for telephonic data collection to complete the questionnaire with them. Respondents who select the telephonic interview option will receive details of the interviewers assigned to their respective areas, prior to the date of interview. The interviewer’s identity is also available on the Field Staff Page on Stats SA website: here

Stats SA derives its mandate to collect data for statistical purposes and to conduct a census from the Statistics Act No. 6 of 1999. The Act makes it mandatory for respondents to provide data when required. Data collected by Stats SA is only used for statistical purposes and may not be shared with the state or any organs of the state and it remains confidential.

Your continued support in helping Stats SA to produce data for evidence based decision making is much appreciated.