This is the fifth edition of the Standard Industrial Classification of all
Economic Activities (SIC), which was first published in August 1970.

The Standard Industrial Classification of all Economic Activities (SIC) is
based upon the latest (third revision which appeared in 1990) International
Standard Industrial Classification of all Economic Activities (ISIC) 1/
with suitable adaptations for local conditions.  However, the third revision
of the ISIC differs in various respects from the previous edition so that
the fifth edition of the SIC also differs from previous editions.
More information regarding these differences is given in paragraph 11
and in the correspondence tables. The original version of the ISIC was
published in October 1949.  Three revised editions have been published
since then.  Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) has closely followed
the ISIC since 1950/51 in order to promote the international comparability
of the statistics concerned.

The SIC was designed for the classification of establishments according to
kind of economic activity, and provides a standardised framework for the
collection, tabulation, analysis and presentation of statistical data on

It is recommended that public and private institutions, as well as private
persons, engaged in the classification of establishments as statistical units,
use the SIC as a basis as far as this is feasible.  The general application
of the principles and definitions of this Classification will promote the
uniformity and comparability of statistics compiled from different sources.

This manual is obtainable free of charge from Stats SA..

HEAD:  Statistics South Africa

1/ Statistical Papers, Series M, No. 4, Rev. 3, Department of International
   Economic and Social Affairs, Statistical Office of the United Nations,
   New York, 1990.

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