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Greater Taung

Greater Taung Local Municipality (NW 394) is situated in the western part of North West in the area of jurisdiction of Dr Ruth S Mompati District Municipality. The municipality is one of the five local municipalities in Dr Ruth S Mompati District Municipality.The municipality covers an area of 5639 Km2, which accounts for 11,8 % of the total area of Dr Ruth S Mompati District Municipality.The main rural towns/townships in the municipal area are Reivilo, Pudimoe and Taung Central. About 95% of the municipal area is predominantly rural. There are about 106 widely-scattered villages in the municipal area. There are Northern Cape areas that one passes when going from one village to the other within the municipality, namely Pampierstad township and Northern Cape farms. These areas previously formed part of the municipality but were later moved to the Northern Cape during the last demarcation process. The municipality is divided into 26 administration wards and has a total of 52 councillors (both ward and PR councillors). As the municipality is predominantly rural, villages have been divided under the three tribal authorities under three paramount chiefs, namely Mankuroane, Mothibi and Motlhabane. The agricultural sector, both commercial and subsistence, is the major employer and contributor to the municipal economy. The municipal population stands at 177642 (the largest in the district), with a total of 48612 households.When compared to the 2001 population statistics, the population size has declined from a total of 182164 to 177642 in 2011. The average population density stands at 31, more »


Emthanjeni Local Municipality is a category B municipality consisting of three towns: De Aar, Britstown and Hanover. Emthanjeni, and especially De Aar, is renowned for its central location on the main railway line between Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Namibia. It is situated in the Pixley ka Seme District Municipality and is the seat of this district. Its location is approximately 300 km south-west of Kimberley, 440 km south-east of Upington, 300 km north-east of Beaufort-West and 300 km south-west of Bloemfontein. The land area comprises 11% of the district land area and 3% of the province. It represents approximately 23% of the district more »


MIER Local Municipality is situated adjacent to one of the worlds largest conservation areas, namely the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, and comprises a municipality bigger than the Free State province. Rietfontein, which is the main town, is situated approximately 280km north-west from the nearest big town of Upington. Mier Local Municipality borders with Namibia in the west, the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in the north, and Botswana in the north-east. It forms part of the Siyanda District Municipality. Mier Local Municipality consists of nine small towns, namely Rietfontein, Philandersbron, Loubos, Klein Mier, Groot Mier, Welkom, Askham, Noenieput and the !Khomani San community within its jurisdiction. The name "Mier" is an Afrikaans word that originates from the word "mere" which means "lakes". When German missionaries visited the area a long time ago, they found the pans in the area full of water that they called them "mere". As language changed, the people later pronounced it as "mier". Area: 22468kmread more »


!Kheis is a Khoi name meaning "a place where you live, or a home". The municipality is named in recognition of the Khoi people who were the first permanent dwellers of the area. The!Kheis Municipal Area was initially inhabited by the Khoi-San people, who are also the first permanent inhabitants of South Africa. The San, who lived a nomadic life, migrated through the area. The Korannas (Khoi group) arrived in the area during the 18th century. They were widely spread over the Benede Oranje area and consisted of various tribes, each with its own captain (leader). The groups who lived in the! Kheisarea, was under the leadership of Captain Willem Bostander and Klaas Springbok. Many of their descendants still live in the area today. Other Khoi-groups, such as the Griekwas, also migrated through the area and intermarried with the Korannas. Later coloured stock farmers, as well as white hunters and farmers more »

Saldanha Bay

Saldanha Bay Local Municipality is located within the West Coast District Municipality in the Western Cape Province on the south-eastern coastline of South Africa. It is predominantly urban (96,8%), and major settlements include Vredenburg, Saldanha and Langebaan.

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