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City of Cape Town

The City of Cape Town as a municipal entity of today is just over ten years old. However, the Mother City has the oldest municipal structure in the country, going back to its first Council meeting held on 8 April 1652 on a sailing ship anchored in Table Bay.

The Mother City is South Africas oldest city, with an area of 2461 km2. It is the legislative capital of South Africa, the administrative and economic centre of the Western Cape Province.

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Camdeboo Local Municipality which incorporates the towns of Graaff-Reinet, Aberdeen, and Nieu-Bethesda is strategically situated as a portal to the mystical Karoo in an area renowned for its pristine natural environment, rich heritage, diverse peoples and cultures. The area (12,422km) boasts a number of popular tourist attractions, beautiful landscapes and a healthy climate. Being situated in an arid area within the Cacadu district, Camdeboo faces many challenges, the biggest of which is water.The lack of sustainable and permanent water is probably the most inhibiting factor in the areas development, as it restricts both agricultural and industrial activities. (

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Lekwa Local Municipality was established on the 5th of December 2000 after the amalgamation of 3 former Transitional Local Councils namely Standerton, Sakhile and Morgenzon. Lekwa Local Municipality lies on the large open plains of the Highveld region that is characterised by tall grass and is transversed by the Vaal River which flows in a westerly direction. The municipality spans an area of 4 586 km2 which equates to 15% of the overall area of GertSibande District.

The Municipality is namedafter the Vaal River which is commonly known as Lekwa (a Sotho name for Vaal River).

The Municipality consists of Standerton which serves as an urban node, whileMorgenzon, which is 45km North East of Standerton,serves as a satellite node. It is landlocked by the following local municipalities, Pixley ka Seme and Msukaligwa on the east, Dipaliseng on the west and Govan Mbeki on the north. The south edge is abutted by Mpumelelo Local Municipality which is in the northern part of the Free State Province. (

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Newcastle Municipality falls within Amajuba District in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. Located in the north-west corner of province, the municipality shares its northern border with the province of Mpumalanga and its western border with the province of Free State. The municipality consists of 31 electoral wards, and covers an area of 1 855 km2 (Wikipedia) The municipality is predominantly urban (70,8%), with a large majority of the urban population living in the towns of Newcastle, Madadeni and more »

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