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Mbalo Brief – August 2013

Approximately 57 years ago, on 9 August 1956, more than 20 000 heroines took it upon themselves to challenge those who were imposing racist and unjust laws upon them.  Women of all races joined forces under the leadership of Lillian Ngoyi, Rahima Moosa, Helen Joseph, Sophia de Bruyn, Frances Baard, Bertha Gxowa and Albertina Sisulu   read more »

Education is key to better labour market outcomes

Employment increased by 100 000 between the 1st and 2nd quarters of 2013. Despite this, the increase in unemployment by 122 000 resulted in an increase of 0,4 of a percentage point in the unemployment rate – from 25,2% to 25,6% between the two quarters. Year-on-year, employment rose by 274 000 while unemployment rose by 254 000. Education plays   read more »

Empowering communities through statistics

Do you know how many people live in your community? How many are unemployed? Do you know how many households in your area have access to safe water, electricity and refuse removal? While information at a national level can be interesting, what people really want is to know about the place where they live. To   read more »

What is GDP and its impact?

What is GDP and its impact?

Government and all businesses, from small to multinational, need the facts on the economy that this release provides. Aneen Jordaan reports The gross domestic product (GDP) of a country is one of the main indicators used to measure the performance of a country’s economy. The Macmillan dictionary defines economy as the system by which a   read more »

The world of work

The world of work

Labour market information relates to three groups of individuals, those that are employed, those that are unemployed and those that are not economically active (e.g. homemakers, retirees and full-time students who do not wish to work). The most recent QLFS results show that in the first quarter of 2013, of the total population in the   read more »

Mbalo Brief – July 2013

The month of July is a special month to many people all over the world because it marks the last half of the year. Many consider this month as a chance to step back and evaluate their achievements and goals for the year.  What most people do not know about July is that it starts   read more »

Mbalo Brief – June 2013

The month of June is known for cold weather conditions as it marks the beginning of the winter season. To South Africans, June is known as “Youth Month” as it commemorates the youth that raised their voices against the previous government’s education policies. This is the month in which the Soweto uprising occurred 37 years   read more »

SAInTransition - South Africa in transition: Selected findings fromo the October household survey of 1999 and changes that have occurred between 1995 and 1999

This report looks at whether or not life circumstances have changed in South Africa in recent years, and if so, how they have changed. It presents some indicative findings from Stats SAread more »

EmployUnemploy - Unemployment and employment in South Africa

This report brings together information on employment and unemployment from diverse Stats SA data sources. For employment statistics, two available sources are used read more »

P0210 - Labour Force Survey (LFS)

This publication contains results of a rotating panel household survey first conducted in 2000, specifically designed to measure the dynamics of employment and unemployment in the country. It measures a variety of issues related to the labour market, including unemployment rates (official and expanded). Results for 2000 were published as discussion documents. read more »

DiscussLFS - Comparative labour statistics: Labour force survey

This discussion paper, published twice yearly (until September 2000), contains results of the first two rounds of a rotating panel household survey, specifically designed to measure the dynamics of employment and unemployment in the country. As from February 2001 the results of this survey are available as Statistical Release more »

SALabour - SA Labour statistics

This statistical report contains comprehensive information on current and historical labour statistics, including statistics on employment, unemployment, education, labour relations, international migration, more »

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