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Media Release – Quarterly Labour Force Survey

9 May 2016   Unemployment increased in the first quarter of 2016 Employment declined by 2,2% or 355 000 in Q1: 2016, which combined with an increase in the number of unemployed persons of 521 000 resulted in an unemployment rate of 26,7%; this was 2,2 percentage points higher compared to that reported in Q4: 2015. However,   read more »

ISIbalo School Programme

ISIbalo School Programme Statistics continue to indicate that while South Africa has shown positive economic growth over the past few years, inequalities and huge income disparities continue to exist. These are characterized by significant youth unemployment, exacerbated by a lack of appropriate skills for development; and, a persistent skills shortage in areas required for an   read more »

Extra-budgetary institutions focus their spending on social protection

Extra-budgetary institutions focus their spending on social protection

Stats SA’s latest extra-budgetary accounts (EBA) statistical release contains economically and functionally classified financial data on 233 funds for the 2013/14 fiscal year. EBAs do not operate through normal parliamentary budgetary processes, but they perform an integral role in delivering services of the national government. Some examples of EBAs include the South African Revenue Service,   read more »

Statistics Council

Statistics Council Members PDF Statistics Council Statement on Census 2001 PDF Statistics Council Sub-Committee Comment on the Census 2001 results Preliminary investigations indicate that the 2001 census probably resulted in: an underestimate of the number of children below age five* an over-estimate of the number of teenagers aged between 10 and 20 an underestimate of   read more »

Labour market dynamics in South Africa, 2014 report

Labour market dynamics in South Africa, 2014 report

PRESS STATEMENT APRIL 2015 Highlights The effects of the 2008–2009 global financial crisis on the South African economy continued to linger in 2014. This, combined with factors such as constrained electricity supply and labour unrest, has negatively impacted on the performance of the economy. Slowing growth rates over the period 2010–2013 (averaging 2,7%), continued into   read more »


STATEMENT TO PARLIAMENT ON CENSUS 2011 TREVOR A MANUEL, MINISTER IN THE PRESIDENCY 20 SEPTEMBER 2011 Mr Speaker Distinguished Colleagues Honourable Members Ladies and Gentlemen Census 2011, that now-once-in-a-decade event is upon us. The countdown has begun in earnest; Census 2011 is a mere 20 days away! Stats SA has done all the necessary preparations.   read more »


What is the Community Survey 2007? The Community Survey (CS) is a large-scale household survey conducted by Statistics South Africa to bridge the gap between censuses. Historically, the census took place at a 5 year interval (1996 and 2001), but this has been extended to a 10 – year interval. What is the purpose of   read more »

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Click here to download a printable version. 1. What is a population census? A population census is a snapshot of a country at a particular moment in time. South Africa’s census will be held in October this year. Census night is the 9th of October 2011. The picture we are taking will tell us how many people   read more »

Census Questionnaire

Importance of questions asked (pdf 45KB) Census 2011 Questionnaires Download English Questionnaire A (pdf 2.3MB) Questionnaire B (pdf 923KB) Questionnaire C (pdf 1.75MB) Questionnaire PES (pdf 1.68MB) Afrikaans (pdf 3.64MB) Sesotho (pdf 854KB) Siswati (pdf 850KB) Tshivenda (pdf 843KB) Xitsonga (pdf 849KB) Isindebele (pdf 848KB) IsiZulu (pdf 839KB) Sepedi (pdf 856KB) About the Questionnaire : Much   read more »



What is the maths4stats project? The maths4stats project is one of Statistics South Africa’s series of activities initiated to encourage the development of mathematics education, which is an important bedrock for statistics. It represents an effort to restore numeracy and statistical literacy in South African schools. What went wrong? For South Africa, the urgency to   read more »

SAInTransition - South Africa in transition: Selected findings fromo the October household survey of 1999 and changes that have occurred between 1995 and 1999

This report looks at whether or not life circumstances have changed in South Africa in recent years, and if so, how they have changed. It presents some indicative findings from Stats SAread more »

EmployUnemploy - Unemployment and employment in South Africa

This report brings together information on employment and unemployment from diverse Stats SA data sources. For employment statistics, two available sources are used read more »

P0210 - Labour Force Survey (LFS)

This publication contains results of a rotating panel household survey first conducted in 2000, specifically designed to measure the dynamics of employment and unemployment in the country. It measures a variety of issues related to the labour market, including unemployment rates (official and expanded). Results for 2000 were published as discussion documents. read more »

DiscussLFS - Comparative labour statistics: Labour force survey

This discussion paper, published twice yearly (until September 2000), contains results of the first two rounds of a rotating panel household survey, specifically designed to measure the dynamics of employment and unemployment in the country. As from February 2001 the results of this survey are available as Statistical Release more »

SALabour - SA Labour statistics

This statistical report contains comprehensive information on current and historical labour statistics, including statistics on employment, unemployment, education, labour relations, international migration, more »

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