The ISIbalo Capacity Building Programme is based on a value system and ethos that places a high priority on social outreach and support to the communities we work in. Currently, we have a number of initiatives we work in. These include:
1. International Mandela Day
Globally, the 18th of July is marked as day to celebrate the birth of the former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, by giving back to disadvantage communities, at least 67 minutes of community work. The ISIbalo programme mobilises its stakeholders every year to visit early childhood development centres, schools or correctional service facilities to help with cleaning, painting, teaching and other activities as required by the host facility.
2. Bring-a-Girl-Child to Work
Since its inception in 2003, The Bring a Girl Child to Work Day annual corporate social investment event in South Africa has taken place annually on the last Thursday of May.
This is an event whereby female learners, who are usually from disadvantaged backgrounds, are taken by different companies involved with this particular initiative to spend a day at the particular company and experience the work environment in hoping to encourage them. Statistics South Africa takes part in this event every year.
3. Bala Nathi Early Childhood Development Support
Bala Nathi is a Nguni expression for “Count with us”. Many early childhood development (ECD) centres across South Africa, lack basic resources to teach children under the age of six. More often than not, these centres turn into child care facilities. The Bala Nathi initiative provides basic ECD material guided by the Department of Basic Education curriculum guidelines for ECD, crayons, papers, tables, chairs, toiletries and food hampers
4. Youth Forward!
An eye for talent … is what Youth Forward is about. Outside of the statistical community are a number of youth gifted differently in areas that add value to our work who need nothing but exposure. Stats SA’s most recent Annual Report (2014-15) for example boasts hand-drawn art by a talented young man called Rethabile, who left school at an early age, is the family’s breadwinner, has no prospects for a better future … yet is an amazing undiscovered artist.
5. Christmas Events
The second Friday of December is set aside to host a picnic or party or zoo visit to mark the end of the year for selected early childhood development centres. The last Christmas picnic, children of Lungile Day Care Centre and their care-givers were taken to the Pretoria Zoo, enjoyed a lunch of McDonalds and were given Christmas gifts.