Occupational code list

111 Legislators112 Senior Government Officers113 Traditional Chiefs and Heads of Villages

114 Senior Officers of Special-Interest Organisations

119 Legislators and Senior Officers not elsewhere classified

121 Directors and Chief Executives

122 Production and Operations Managers/Department Managers

123 Other Managers/Department Managers

129 Corporate Managers not elsewhere classified

131 General Managers

139 General Managers not elsewhere classified

211 Physicists, Chemists and Related Professionals

212 Mathematicians, Statisticians and Related Professionals

213 Computing Professionals

214 Architects, Engineers and Related Professionals

215 Physical Sciences Technologists

219 Physical, Mathematical and Engineering Science Professionals not elsewhere classified

221 Life Science Professionals

222 Health Professionals (except Nursing)

223 Nursing and Midwifery Professionals

229 Life Science and Health Professionals not elsewhere classified

231 College, University and Higher Education Institutions Teaching Professionals

232 Secondary Education Institutions Teaching Professionals

233 Primary and Pre-Primary Education Institutions Teaching Professionals

234 Special Education Institutions Teaching Professionals

235 Other Teaching Institutions Professionals

239 Other Education Professionals not elsewhere classified

241 Business Professionals

242 Legal Professionals

243 Archivists, Librarians and Related Information Professionals

244 Social Science and Related Professionals

245 Writers and Creative or Performing Artists

246 Religious Professionals

249 Other Professionals not elsewhere classified

311 Natural and Engineering Science Technicians

312 Computer Associate Professionals

313 Optical and Electronic Equipment Operators

314 Ship and Aircraft Controllers and Technicians

315 Safety and Quality Inspectors

319 Physical and Engineering Science Associate Professionals not elsewhere classified

321 Life Science Technicians and Related Associate Professionals

322 Modern Health Associate Professionals (except Nursing)

323 Nursing and Midwifery Associate Professionals

324 Traditional Medicine Practitioners and Faith Healers

329 Life Science and Health Associate Professionals not elsewhere classified

331 Primary Education Teaching Associate Professionals

332 Pre-Primary Education Teaching Associate Professionals

333 Special Education Teaching Associate Professionals

334 Other Teaching Associate Professionals

339 Teaching Associate Professionals not elsewhere classified

341 Finance and Sales Associate Professionals

342 Business Services Agents and Trade Brokers

343 Administrative Associate Professionals

344 Customs, Tax and Related Government Associate Professionals

345 Police Inspectors and Detectives

346 Social Work Associate Professionals

347 Artistic, Entertainment and Sports Associate Professionals

348 Religious Associate Professionals

349 Other Associate Professionals not elsewhere classified

411 Secretaries and Keyboard-Operating Clerks

412 Numerical Clerks

413 Material-Recording and Transport Clerks

414 Library, Mail and Related Clerks

419 Other Office Clerks and Clerks not elsewhere classified (except Customer Services Clerks)

421 Cashiers, Tellers and Related Clerks

422 Client Information Clerks

429 Customer Services Clerks not elsewhere classified

511 Travel Attendants and related workers

512 Housekeeping and Restaurant Services Workers

513 Personal Care and related workers

514 Other Personal Services Workers

515 Astrologers, Fortune-Tellers and related workers

516 Protective Services Workers

519 Personal and Protective Services Workers not elsewhere classified

521 Fashion and Other Models

522 Shop Salespersons and Demonstrators

523 Stall and Market Salespersons

529 Models, Salespersons and Demonstrators not elsewhere classified

611 Market Gardeners and Crop Growers

612 Market-Oriented Animal Producers and related workers

613 Market-Oriented Crop and Animal Producers

614 Forestry and related workers

615 Fishery Workers, Hunters and Trappers

619 Market-Oriented Skilled Agricultural and Fishery Workers not elsewhere classified

621 Subsistence Agricultural and Fishery Workers

711 Miners, Shot-Firers, Stone Cutters and Carvers

712 Building Frame and Related Trades Workers

713 Building Finishers and Related Trades Workers

714 Painters, Building Structure Cleaners and Related Trades Workers

719 Extraction and Building Trades Workers not elsewhere classified

721 Metal Moulders, Welders, Sheet-Metal Workers, Structural Metal Preparers and Related Trades Work

722 Blacksmiths, Tool-Makers and Related Trades Workers (excluding Apprentices/Trainees)

723 Machinery Mechanics and Fitters

724 Electrical and Electronic Equipment Mechanics and Fitters

729 Metal, Machinery and Related Trades Workers not elsewhere classified

731 Precision Workers in Metal and Related Materials

732 Potters, Glass-Makers and Related Trades Workers

733 Handicraft Workers in Wood, Textile, Leather and Related Materials

734 Printing and Related Trades Workers

739 Precision, Handicraft, Printing and Related Trades Workers not elsewhere classified

741 Food Processing and Related Trades Workers

742 Wood Treaters, Cabinetmakers and Related Trades Workers

743 Textile, Garment and Related Trades Workers

744 Pelt, Leather and Shoemaking Trades Workers

749 Other Craft and Related Trades Workers not elsewhere classified

811 Mining and Mineral Processing Plant Operators

812 Metal-Processing Plant Operators

813 Glass, Ceramics and Related Plant Operators

814 Wood-Processing and Papermaking Plant Operators

815 Chemical-Processing Plant Operators

816 Power-Production and Related Plant Operators

817 Automated Assembly-Line and Industrial-Robot Operators

819 Stationary-Plant and Related Operators not elsewhere classified

821 Metal and Mineral-Products Machine Operators

822 Chemical-Products Machine Operators

823 Rubber and Plastic Products Machine Operators

824 Wood Products Machine Operators

825 Printing, Binding and Paper Products Machine Operators

826 Textile, Fur and Leather Products Machine Operators

827 Food and Related Products Machine Operators

828 Assemblers

829 Other Machine Operators and Assemblers not elsewhere classified

831 Locomotive-Engine Drivers and Related Workers

832 Motor Vehicle Drivers and Related Workers

833 Agricultural and Other Mobile Plant Operators

834 Ships’ Deck Crews and Related Workers

839 Drivers and Mobile Plant Operators not elsewhere classified

911 Street Vendors and Related Workers

912 Shoe-Cleaning and Other Elementary Street Services Occupations

913 Domestic and Related Helpers, Cleaners and Launderers

914 Building Caretakers and Window and Related Cleaners

915 Messengers, Porters, Doorkeepers and Related Workers

916 Garbage Collectors and Related Labourers

919 Elementary Sales and Services Occupations not elsewhere classified

921 Agricultural, Fishery and Related Labourers

929 Agricultural, Fishery and Related Labourers not elsewhere classified

931 Mining and Construction Labourers

932 Manufacturing Labourers

933 Transport Labourers and Freight Handlers

939 Labourers in Mining, Construction, Manufacturing and Transport not elsewhere classified

999 Beggar

081 Occupations Unspecified

082 Unemployed, Occupation Unspecified

083 Occupations in the Informal Sector not elsewhere classified

084 Occupations not elsewhere classified

085 Occupations not adequately defined

091 Homemakers (Housewives/Househusbands)

092 Children, not Scholars or Students (younger than 15 years)

093 Scholars, Students

094 Pensioners and others not economically active (older than 65)

095 Labour-Disabled Persons (15 to 65 years old)

096 Not economically active persons not elsewhere classified

097 Foreign visitors

998 Undetermined

¨ NA