Province cannot accept ‘undercount’

Eastern Cape Premier, Noxolo Kiviet, delivered a keynote address at the launch of Census 2011 held on Thursday in East London. In her address, Kiviet emphasised the importance of census data and said the data will go a long way in reflecting the kind of work that government has done over the years.

“I fully support Census 2011 as it is premised on the significance of the population data in terms of determining the work of various government departments,” Kiviet told delegates.

Kiviet said it was critical that the Eastern Cape and other provinces participate “wholeheartedly” in Census 2011 and that people need to be honest when answering questions from Stats SA officials.

“It is so important that the kind of information we give out is as credible and precise as possible. We have to be honest in the census process. Dishonesty in the census process has a potential to harm the project. Fieldwork supervisors must ensure that those who are given tasks have performed tasks to the best of their abilities,” Kiviet emphasised.

Ben Mphahlele, member of the Statistics Council, added that the census data will play a significant role in realising the government’s vision of ‘a better life for all’. He said government uses the census data when making decisions in terms of development programmes and job creation.

“Numbers play a critical role in decision-making. Large retail shops are now able to set up their shops in rural areas as a result of statistical data,” said Mphahlele.