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Statistics council

The new SA Statistics Council, which was appointed from 1 July 2013, for a term of three years, was officially inaugurated by Mr Trevor Manuel, Minister in the Presidency responsible for National Planning, at a meeting in Ekurhuleni on 7 February 2014. The term of this Council was extended to 30 June 2018.

The Statistics Council is appointed in terms of the Statistics Act (6 of 1999). The role of the council is to advise the Minister and the Statistician-General on any issue concerned with the production and use of official statistics. This includes:

  • Strategic advice on statistical policy and priorities
  • Technical advice, in general or on specific statistical data collections and methodological issues
  • Coordination of statistical activities.

The Minister appointed Mr Morore Ben Mphahlele as the Chairperson, as he has served on the two previous Councils and provides continuity.

There are 21 members from around the country representing the statistical interests of provinces, organs of state, business and research.

Statistics Council 2013

Members re-appointed as national members

Mr Ian Assam

Mr Assam holds BA Hons (Public Admin) and BA Hons (Ind Psych) degrees.  He is a consultant.  His areas of expertise are strategic planning, governance, policy development, monitoring, reporting and evaluation.

Mr Faldie Esau

Mr Esau holds a BA and a Diploma in Datametrics.  He is a Research Associate at SALDRU.  His areas of expertise are production of statistics, labour markets and poverty research.

Prof Jacky Galpin

Prof Galpin holds a DSc (Mathematical Statistics).  She is an Associate Professor: School of Statistics and Actuarial Science, Wits.  Her areas of expertise are sampling, methodology and official statistics.

Prof Maseka Lesaoana

Prof Lesaoana holds a PhD (Operational Research).  She is the Research Professor: School of Mathematical and Computer Sciencess, UL.  Her areas of expertise are operations research and applied statistics.

Mr Morore Mphahlele

Mr Mphahlele holds a MBA.  He is the Chief Executive Officer of the Limpopo Development Agency.  His areas of expertise are economic development, finance and strategy.

Dr Khangelani Zuma

Dr Zuma holds a PhD (Statistics). He is the Executive Director and Head of Biostatistics at the HSRC.  His areas of expertise are sampling, methodology and statistics.

New national members

Prof Philippe Burger

Prof Burger holds a PhD (Economics).  He is Head of the Economics Department at the University of the Free State. His area of expertise is economics.

Dr Rashad Cassim

Dr Cassim holds a PhD (Economics).  He is the Head of Research at the SA Reserve Bank. His areas of expertise are economic research and trade policy.

Dr Jaya Josie

Dr Josie holds a PhD (Public Finance and Administration).  He is the Head: BRICS Research Centre, HSRC.  His area of expertise is economic development.

Mr Ettienne le Roux

Mr Le Roux holds a MCom (Economics).  He is Chief Economist at Rand Merchant Bank.  His area of expertise is economics.

Prof John Luiz

Prof Luiz holds a PhD (Economics).  He is the Director: International Relations at the UCT Graduate School of Business.  His area of expertise is economic research.

Prof Julian May

Prof May holds a PhD (Development Studies).  He is the Director: Institute for Social Development, UWC.  He is also the Director: DST-NRF Centre of Excellence in Food Security.

His areas of expertise are demography and poverty measurement.  Prof May previously served two terms on Council.

Dr Ariane Neethling

Dr Neethling holds a PhD (Statistics).  She is a statistical consultant and part time lecturer.  Her areas of expertise are sampling, methodology and analysis of survey data.

Prof Sarah Radloff

Prof Radloff holds a PhD (Applied Statistics).  She is a professor at Rhodes University.  Her areas of expertise are analysis, econometrics and modelling.

Mr Sulaiman Salau

Mr Salau holds a MSc (Mathematical Statistics).  He is a lecturer at the Wits School of Statistics and Actuarial Science.  His areas of expertise are statistical theory and application.

Provincial representatives
Eastern Cape

Mr Monde Nkasawe

Mr Nkasawe holds a MM (Public Development and Management). He is the General Manager: Cabinet Support and Protocol Services in the Office of the Premier.  His area of expertise is policy development.


Mr Glen Robbins

Mr Robbins holds a MPhil (Development Studies). He is an independent economic development researcher.  He is also a Commissioner on the KZN Planning Commission. His area of expertise is economic development research.

Western Cape

Ms Zeenat Ishmail

Ms Ishmail holds a MSc (Project Management).  She is the Chief Director: Strategic Management Information in the Department of the Premier, Western Cape.  Her areas of expertise are programme and project performance, results-based monitoring and evaluation systems and spatial information.


Mr Mveli Maphanga

Mr Maphanga holds a BSc and a diploma in advanced business management.  He is an Area Sales Manager for HemoCue SA.  His areas of expertise are marketing and sales, with an interest in research.

Northern Cape

Ms Lizell Henney

Ms Henney holds a BSc(Mathematical Science) and a Certificate in Applied Population Sciences Research and Training.  She is the Manager: Data Analysis in the Dept Social and Population Development, NC.  Her areas of expertise are statistics, data analysis and research.


Prof David Everatt

Prof Everatt holds a PhD (Modern History, Oxon).  He is Professor and Head of School of the Wits School of Governance.  He is also an Honorary Professor, School of Architecture and Engineering, University of the Witwatersrand. His areas of expertise are community development, governance, poverty and youth.