Participation in the Annual Agricultural Survey 2014

Participation in the Annual Agricultural Survey 2014

The Annual Agricultural Survey collects and provides statistics on the farming sector across the country. Statistics collected form the basis for planning, monitoring, evaluation, research and decision-making in both private and public institutions for the agricultural sector as a whole.

Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) appeals to selected farmers to participate in the Annual Agricultural Survey 2014 by completing the individual questionnaire submitted to them. Below is more information regarding the survey:

About the 2014 surveys

The Annual Agricultural Survey collects information from sampled enterprises involved in farming activities across South Africa.

Collection method

The data for the surveys are collected via e-mail, post or personal visits to the sampled business units across the country.

Survey time frame

The survey is currently in progress. Completed questionnaires are to be submitted by 31 July 2015.


Sampled business units that have been randomly drawn from Statistics South Africa’s (Stats SA) business register (BR) frame and selected to participate in the survey.


The information collected is generally used to evaluate the commercial farming industry to provide data to measure the contribution of the agricultural industry to the gross domestic product (GDP). Individual operators in these sectors utilise the survey results to position themselves relative to their respective industry. In addition, the collected data are used for the evaluation and compilation of the following:

  • Food security;
  • Green economy; and
  • Environmental studies.

The Statistics Act (Act No. 6 of 1999) protects all information collected. All information collected is treated as strictly confidential and will not be furnished to any other person or organisation. A fine of R10 000 or imprisonment of up to six months or both is the penalty for a Stats SA official who is found guilty of contravening this Act.

What kind of information is collected by the survey?

The 2014 survey questionnaire needs to be completed for the reference period 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2014. Data collected include:

  • Income generated per sector;
  • Employment;
  • Expenditure, including purchases;
  • Book value of assets; and
  • Losses incurred.
Did you know?
  • The farming survey questionnaire is available in English and Afrikaans.
  • The commercial agricultural sector generated a total income of R182 980 million in 2013. This reflects an increase of 11,3% compared to 2012 (R164 363 million).
  • Similar to 2012, the largest sales in 2013 were generated from animal and animal products (R87 291 million), followed by horticultural products (R37 693 million), field crops (R37 148 million) and other income (R20 847 million).
  • In 2013, field crops recorded the highest increase (18,5%) compared to 2012, followed by horticultural products with 17,4%. Animals and animal products recorded the lowest increase (5,4%).
For questionnaire enquiries, please contact:

Sally Wheeler:          012 310 8911 / E-mail:

Masego Mekwa:       012 336 0232 / E-mail:

For technical enquiries, please contact:

Tshepo Pekane: 012 310 8191 / E-mail: