Stats SA launches new-look website

Date: 2 August 2013

Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) is pleased to announce the launch of its new-look website, which took place in the district of Umkhanyakude on 01 August 2013.

Stats SA’s new website is an expression of a deeper paradigm shift. No longer are data and information simply seen as a set of bland, uninteresting numbers on a web page; rather, data and statistics are now presented for what they really are, as stories about our country and about the lives of ordinary people who live here.

Through the narrative of stories and the visual display of infographics, Stats SA’s new web portal is a tool that those curious about South Africa can use to explore our country’s people, its economy, the natural environment, and the conditions under which South Africans live.

This is only phase 1 of a project which aims to ensure that all South Africans can confidently say, “This is the South Africa I know, the home I understand.” By making data more easily accessible and user-friendly, Stats SA aims to encourage citizens to take an interest in their communities and become involved in improving their lives and that of those around them.

 The website can be accessed via


Enquiries:   Trevor Oosterwyk

Manager: Communications

Tel: (012) 310 8130

Cell: 082 908 9104